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Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show (Grateful Dead) · Featuring...Ice Cube (Ice Cube) · Featuring...Ice Cube [Clean] (Ice Cube) · The Iceman Cometh/Ice on Ice (Jerry Butler) · Ice Ice Baby (Madagascar 5) · Ice Ice Baby (Salsa) (Big Daddi) · Ice on Ice (Jerry Butler) · Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Red Cube(d) (Guillermo Gregorio) · The Collection [Cube Version] (Cyndi Lauper) – and 90 other albums »

tellin' these niggaz and bitches on the bottom)
(They need to drink some of this Kool-Aid)
(Drink the Kool-Aid bitch!)
mothafucka drink-drink the Kool-Aid!
(Let 'em know!) drink the Kool-Aid!
Drink the Kool-Aid! I make a mothafucka' drink

(Ice Cube!) 
"I-I-I- Ice Cube
[Ice Cube]
I been servin' niggas since 1985
Niggas want the gutter
Ice Cube, Jay-O Felony
My nigga Gangsta, Squeek Rule
Keep it gangsta why'all,
[Ice Cube]
Yeah, yeah
Get your ass and hurry
Uh, Ice Cube baby
Ninety-nine baby
I'm on the grind baby
All the time baby
Show me something
Ice cubes on the back of your neck
Warm wind blowing through the parking lot
A radio humming in every car, and it feels like the clocks have
I will hang with the spanish moss, over you
By this well water that keeps you cool
I will wait for the signal of distress
To drop another ice cube
Dig me a hot coffee
Fill it up with ice
Watermelons like drink
Please fix me a large slice
Summertime is cool the heat is getting old
Yeah I'll get
Cube comin at'cha with a crazy pitch)
Don't trust no (Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!)
(Ice Cube comin at'cha with a crazy pitch)
You can't trust no (Bitch!
the Brainiac
Ice Cube
With the Maniac
Mack 10

Mack & Cube: Yay-why-yay! [Repeat: x2]

[Ice Cube]
While y'all n****s think about the pap¨¦
I think
that'll do.
Stayin' cool...big icy shiver down our spine.
Stayin' ice cube sandwich would be fine.
Brrrrrrrrrr... Let's be the candles on a cake
by on the peril vines
Go to the finish, big Texas is next
Stuck him in the neck and I'm beatin on my chest
(Ice Cube)
T-Bone is the king of the jungle
and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to propose a toast, that's right
Everyone 21 and over, grab your drinks
Ya underage grab your cool-Aid, cause it's
got the July blues
I got hornets in my hair
My, my baby's suckin' on ice cubes
That ain't even there
She say joe, hey joe how'd you like to have
[Ice Cube, do you think you could give me some money to get
 my hair done?] How short's your hair right now?
[Well you know I get it done every

Well, I'm about as dependable
As a drunkard who needs a drink
Have no real interest
In what you might say or think
But I got the ice cubes
don't stink
I am the link, the food and the drink
The colour in the Kool aid, the nigga in the meat
(Don't trip)

(Thank God)
Thank God
that I sweat ice cubes when I'm heated up
Take this move, this groove and still G it up
Stroll so slow you swore my leg was broke
Pimpin hoes down
The Cool Kids up in this thing
Young Mac, and as for me? I run rap (easily)

Came thru (easily)
Ab-Soul, the new Eazy E
That mean Mac is Ice Cube
the coldest thing since the ice cube
Only thing missing from this beat back in the day was Ice Cube (OKAY)
Yeah I said I'm the best in it, Nigga what?
lawn niggas,
Summer Jam, throw your ass offstage Akon niggas,
We drink Kool-Aid with the ice on your arm nigga,
Take that Champion hoody off in
The Boogeyman
In that slow lane, what is your whole name?
I forgot this ho's name, I'll call her Louise Lane
Up on that boulevard, 24's rotate
Ice Cube comin'
that slow lane, what is your whole name?
I forgot this hoe name, I'll call her Louise Lane

Up on that boulevard, twenty fours rotate
Ice Cube comin'
the Brainiac
 Ice Cube
With the Maniac
 Mack 10

Mack & Cube: Yay-why-yay! X2
Verse One
Ice Cube:
While ya`ll niggas think about the pap¨¦
I think about
"You Know I'm a Hoe"
(feat. Ice Cube)

[Master P (Cube)]
I'm ready
(Ay yo P What's crackin' nigga?)
I'm tryin' to get my roll on Cube.
Posse in this motherfucker to rock on this funky ass beat we're gonna drop
Alright, So Ice Cube, you the early bird on this motherfucker , run it