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She combs her hair by the light we share

from that little lamp by the door

I read my antique rhymes for her as she

Sits by me
sittin' on a barstool down on (D) Broadway,
Waitin' for my turn to sing my (G) dreams,
I'm just a California boy with my old (D) guitar,
And they're

There's a runaway

On a cold big city street

Trying her best to stay warm

On a subway grate

She kneels down for the heat

would you believe I was down on my knees and so tired

I don't know how long but now the flame is so strong in the fire

Like no holding back you can get the main melody (riff) in your head
To play over over the intro chords, you're set.

Capo at 2 makes
the same thing
The name ring then the chain swing and dames cling
Money green, Maury kicks, whips and new fitteds
(It was all a dream) Advocated by
Let's make a deal I get killed, by a black
If I do, gimme my life back,
On the attack mode, ice cold as I dip ghetto block
Blunt in my mouth, hand on my