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That night they were burning for truth
Down on the corner of 14th and U
They took your soul and they took you for fools
Took all the windows from
on the lusts of man
Shake him off but he's back again
Promises and hidden dreams
Oh how sweet your poison seems
You are the tempter of my soul

Do Wrong
of a big ole race
Of chasing our dreams and by God's Grace
Someday, somewhere, somehow 
We're gonna find our way home


We're all free to do
the 14th, was never born, he's always been
The sins to expiate in front of him, will be the

worst part of your dreams!
(Someone said it is a magic place!)
call a pimp
That's what I call a gangsta
To the fullest, shit

I'm tryin' to make more cream
By every step to September 14th
That's my dream
So I
Listen to the word, that's how word is bond

Word is on the corner of Gas & the Plate
The don who got laced up by mistake
Time flies yo we
that's what I call a gangsta to the fullest, shit

I'm tryin' to make more cream
By every September 14th, that's my dream
So I can be more clean as I
poorly educated soul
He had a great big square thing made of solid stone,
And in the middle of it was a hole
One day he had to go from his cave in
Coming from a city where bullets turn bro's into souls
Who knew from that concrete that a rose had arose
Good girls stopped being good when I turned
1. Era One

2. Universal Soul

Underneath the world built by reason
Lay the foundations of a different
Putting light on a brand new
curriculum of metaphors
Everything from Bob Marley to Tenor Saul
The System of A Down song number 14
I see aerials in the sky when I dream
The end is near I
the pool, hella full off gumbo, 
Rollin wit these g's, get R.I.P. 
By dozen ??? to mini gages, to are-15's, 
See I don't trust a soul on patrole when I
to understand
My performance, dreams at 14
Now I hear them calling two to their seats
Won’t slip away this is serious business
Voided in mischief while
"I remember being asked a lot, by a lot of different writers, zines, and shit, like, 'Why don't you incorporate your race, your ethnicity, where
Yea, so we got this tune called "for women" right
Originally, it was by nina simone
She said it was inspired by, you know
Down south, in the south,