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just caught a case
Not from "texa-mase", from gettin' funky like a staircase

[Chorus: x2]

(LL Cool J)
Yeah, what a scene, pullin' a Tech
bands now these bitches wanna fuck with rappers
I got my Ghost outside, I call it Casper
Ain't no nigga fly as Juicy J, ask NASA
Show me some, I might owe
never be rich
Rather trade a hoe for mackers dis predemption


Juicy J

its on! Why you shakin whatcha want to do
I gotta 357 brand
tighter than a Chinese
From this Hennessy murder me
If you get the first ups on your trigger nigga

{Juicy J}
I stand by myself
When it come to handling
piledriver like I said aaaaa

[Juicy J]
It started out in 201 lock down
me and paul in a holding cell
waitin to use the fuckin phone
waitin to get a fuckin
in it represent it

Ya'll boys, ya'll boys ain't ready for us
Project Pat, Noreaga, D.J. Paul, Juicy "J"
Hypnotize Minds in here, like this