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pittsburgh down
Its Wiz Khalifa man
You cant tell by now
Pittsburgh Imma swell my town
That steel city damn

Roll rubber you don't know who you dealin' with
Pittsburgh sound
And Imma always hold pittsburgh down
Its Wiz Khalifa man
You cant tell by now
Pittsburgh Imma swell my town
That steel city damn

and playettes, teachers, staff, and students
I am very honored to welcome you to the high school annual talent show
Brought to you by the makers of Wiz Khalifa
Man, Redman, B-Real
Shout out to Wiz Khalifa and Sen Dog, you know! G-yeah!

I ain't here to bring the East back (nah), I'm here to relapse
An hour
rolled up, Wiz Khalifas rollin' pot
Jackie Chan is rollin' rollin', Yelawolf is powin' powin'
Slow motion got hos in motion, I think it's the perfect time
Cocaine on the table wish the rappa got em choppin' logs
Twenty dolla' bills all rolled up, Wiz Khalifas rollin' pot
Jackie Chan is rollin' rollin',
the boos, I never drank booze
        Cause I just rock the rhythm, left alone the blues
        The L.I. mystique, You sneak to peek
        A look and then
they'd find that part for his truck
So he drank a beer, then two
as a rock band hit the stage
When all he wanted to do
was have a drink with folks his
to my crib, we blow by the Os
Kush, you already know
It ain't in a joint, we don't even smoke it
I keep a bitch gettin' stoned
We wakin' and bakin',
em' out they clothes
Smoke marijuana by the O, our eyes low
My pockets covered in zero's
Bitches run up to me like a hero
My niggas rob like De Niro

No more bein' poured drink specials at winners
Or being ignored by the think straight sinners
I used to smoke pinners while my moms made dinner
He smoke sin, robbing ladies and gents
He rather kick it on corners with sauner
sources of hatred
Patriot of the jungles of N.Y.
he never made it
don't smoke like me n' Wizzle man do
Man I'm on my D boy, kingship
New whip, rollin weed on my pink slip
New strain yeah I'm back on my G shit
smoke purple haze
Running from D's quickly knockout rookies
G Wiz you know what I'm all about
To all my real niggas

"Z-z-z-zone Out"
and lock down
Ain't no visualizin', like me now
Queen like drank, gotta stand my ground
Back up off me wit tha hands I clown
Slip-n-Slide on tha dump, if
Steal your faith, take a puff, inhale my name
Smoke on it, shit, choke on it
Bitch nigga, I'mma make a hit nigga
Hot mother fucker down to the skit
to coastsmokin dank sippin drank 
Eat'n scrambled eggs and toast
Chingale my padre,bought a Lexus for my madre
Red bubble lense smoking swishas on the highway
my momma raised to be a man
I'm not concerned with the next man, gettin money, that's my plan
I'm on the road with that boy Unique, I'm po'n drank he
that's fitted on
Got the bar up in the car with the dranks so I can sit it on
Peanut butter and wood, its still understood
That I'm'a P-I-M-P
The M
finna talk back
Looking at my phone like she finna call back
But last night I feel like probably ended all that
Cause by now she woulda sent a text in all
out was a n-ah-n-uh-nightmare and I be bossin

Chorus: E-40

Where all my hustlers at?
Where all my rugers, where all my clap-them-gats?
Where all my
cobra clutch us
I drank a whole 8 bottles man I won't discuss this
'Cause even if it's champagne better know your substance
Fancy nigga's stuck
the drop still listen to Tomma

This town's my home it's where I do my dirt
Where the gangsta's? smoke water? we drank stains on the shirt
We ride
fall or bend
I don't smoke and never ever have I drank no liquor
Bein smooth keeps my rhyme style, that much quicker
So yo hey chief, bust this
with that drank, cause the laws stay hot
MLK to Homestead, playa choose your spot
You know it's warm around this 3rd Coast, so drop your tops