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wanted to be, a soulja, like me

Buck, buck, niggas get fucked, don't step to this
Quiet as kept I'm blessed on a quest with a death wish
Tell 'em

It's Gucci, Soulja, 
It's Gucci, Soulja Boy Tell Em'
It's Gucci
Burr burr

Pass by in my
we the best

And I'm down in Miami
Ridin' in the phantom
Somewhere by south beach
Soulja boy tell em
Got a million dollar mouth piece
On my dog
like soulja boy tell em and they parents they can't see it they blind they wonder why they kids talking bout soulja boy all the time(all the time) they
these days

Soulja Boy, Drake
Oh, we made it
Turn me up just a little bit in the headphone

Nigga we made it, aye
We made it
love you
So tell em' I said fuck you
Yeah I said fuck you (Yeah yeah)

I snuck in Drake's house when he was alone inside (Uh oh)
You can say I have
runs it
Nigga my heart beat slow & pump blood
Souljas been around wit before they had thugs
I'm gonna give it 2 ya raw I'm gon' tell it like it is
watch this!)
Kali baby, I guess I'm back at it again
Lemme laugh at 'em again
Cause they know I write the back out of a pen
Holy moly get going nobody
watch this!)
Kali baby, I guess I'm back at it again
Lemme laugh at 'em again
Cause they know I write the back out of a pen
Holy moly get going nobody
niggas believe
So I pray you listen carefully
Then I become another muthafuckin' casualty

Always speak and say right
I just never ever walk on by
by Soulja Boy
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'em burn nigga, we let 'em burn nigga
(All these niggas want be hot boys) We let 'em burn nigga
We let 'em burn nigga, we let 'em burn nigga
(All these
Yo, I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake
All my life, man, fuck's sake
If I did I did a menage with 'em
And let 'em eat my ass like a cupcake
Did everything that I had to do to make it by
Did everything on my own and now that boy so fly
They can't see what I'm doing they tryna ask me why
[Soulja Boy]
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, This the remix
V.I.C. You already know what it is man
It's ya folk Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Checkin' in everything
You better off not saying nothing
Them boys they a handful
Then I hit ‘em with the Hotline
Chris Breezy with the dance moves
Mo-G with the dance
Readin' Pimp 
Playa-istic shit 
By dino boys 
Tryin' to get these hoes for every nook & cranny 
And make 'em join 
The winning team 
Ain't nothin'
To get what I want tonight? Ain't no tellin'
Please don not speak to me like I'm that Drake from four years ago
I'm at a higher place
I'm-I'm-I'm connected everywhere (that's the homie)

Everywhere I go all of the people know my name
It's ya big homie Snoopy, just tell 'em you with me
soulja I'ma drown someone Who Makaveli? I give you eight to ya belly For Killa Khadafi, please tell the cops to stop me My brother Seeky, I'ma ride all
Did y'all hear that? That's what my grandmother'll say
She'll say, 'Great God almighty, here come my boy! He musta got here by prayer.'"
of my styles you can get with 'em
Still um, will um, your crew come get some so I can kill 'em

Well I roll by myself but don't let it fool ya
If I
Wished these niggas know me better
Tryina tell me who I had in my bed
Poppin' percasetes by the tube
He ain't talking money, keep it moving
Someone tell 'em that he's broke
Someone tell 'em that the boy done seen a mill at 24
In Australia for a show
You in Shoreditch doing coke
no misses, that's for the married folk
Tell 'em fix my suite up cause I'm comin' home
I heard they talkin' crazy, I was out of town
You know they love