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bumped by the finest, 3X in my mouth shinin
Backstage Donna Karan shades, crushed diamonds
I'm climbin, 2 the top like Pac when I rhyme
Follow my path
boom 3x

When I see the mail man, then his ass is doomed

(Boom-boom!) now they gloom
My strap went boom 3x

Had him hoppin like a rabbit tryin to touch
til he can't count his money no mo'
over night sensation, never me
all you "Record Haters" got Ph.IV
my niggas 3X Krazy laced me
taught me how
[Chorus: *Scratching*]
Pain In Da Ass "Fuck You" 3x
Styles "I don't give a fuck" 3x
Styles "I don't give a fuck who you are"
Pain In The Ass " Fuck
duck me 
Or fuck around end up roommates with Mike Hutley 

Chorus: repeat 3x
Rap guys
Listen to me, Listen to me, rap guys 
Diss Bizarre you die
off the hook from cousin, let me sport his gold
And I was told to put it down, and keep it real
Like 3x krazy young player about the scrill
In this
hunta killa (that's realla)

Chorus: repeat 3x's

Put you in duct tape and leave you sinkin in the river
(hunta killa! killa!)

Put you in duct! put you
don't smile
'cause if one time they see that grill
You know they gonna kill you

Hook: 3X

Mac Shawn:
Bitch you was nothing
Never will be something
3X Krazy, ain't it all so sick, ain't it all so simple 
Pistola packin' 
See some marks then I'm jackin' 
Run up on him then I smack him 

Put one
to sleep, like a sad mind
Ya want to know why, because i can can
I shot 'em down (POP), We shot 'em down 3x (POP)
Busting 50 rounds and watch em all fall down
Say Girl Project 2000
This Nigga
For you . . .U heard Me
J.D & Project huh

Chorus: repeat 3x 

Ooh Shit girl 
you on Fire
Let This Cold boy
so check it out

Chorus: Ryzarector

Yah, Here come the Gravediggaz -- repeat 3X
(Pray for your mommy)

Verse One: Grymreaper

Boom bit competition
Any nigga can get it (a favor for a favor) * 3X *
I'll wet who you want wetted, you wet who I want wetted
Any nigga can get it

You say you got
They said love is love
They said love is love
It go love is love

(christine mclean) hook 3x
Do you really love me
Or is you just trying
got bad black bitches he got (? )
I give back shots while he take it like abner louima

Hook 3x
a week making G's. 

Chorus: repeat 3X 
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (them nigga's is the) 
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys 

Nigga...what kinda
[shit] like Bill Skinner
I formulate my raps, perhaps you want to kick it
There's niggas down my slack, yes I'm the baddest when I wreck it
See I'm nicer
Then send her back to you (hello)

[Hook] - 3X
the shit, but ya fucked ya crew, bitch!

[Chorus] - 3X w/ variations

[Daz] {*w/ female singer singing in background*}
Kill 'em, kill 'em
Yeah, pull up
you hear my prays clear 

Repeats 3x
sleep with
Pack my heat with, she's nuthin but my sidekick
The chick that I freak with
It's like that son

Chorus 3X

I'm on the road
head at the Apollo
I'm a hard act to follow, rugged Smith like Rollo
(Let's mark that ass nigga)

Chorus 3x
a week making G's. 

Chorus: repeat 3X 
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (them nigga's is the) 
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys 

Nigga...what kinda
A repeats 

part be	 sung over part A with Nate Dogg singing "let's play house" 2X 

(repeat this part 3X to fade)