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And blind ambition, like double vision
Will never show you what's around the bend
I'm double-guessing why you're obsessing
When we're all waiting for
Written by Rickie's father, Richard Jones, as a lullaby for her

Live at the Wiltern Theatre (1992)

Don't feel bad
Because the sun went down
The night
Written by Rickie's father, Richard Jones, as a lullaby for her

Live at the Wiltern Theatre (1992)

Don't feel bad
Because the sun went down
The night
in the moonlight
And by the way, let's fade it

Live it up for the weekend
Pour it up, have the time of your life
Take a shot for the regrets
should all live like wise kings, 
now sing praise to the gutter
The blazed double X, concealed like a box cutter
Brothers should be teaching, not
Accept in the street, niggas we live by different rules
Pill poppin’ everyday I’m in a different mood
They scream our names since we walk the halls
and one in the right hand, Scottie Pippen both ways
Been doin' drive-bys, got this music industry timelined
Lookin' like Rosecrans when these niggas throw
keepin in live
versus those who chase the bread
many rhymes misunderstood
and I stand by every line
and I kept it on the under
don't go snatchin my wine
in Bedrock, surrounded by rubble
Just a youngin' in trouble
Took a shot and then made it a double
Took a shot and then made it a double
This that food
say a circle is pointless

Live from LA River Drive
But some are happy enough
To know they're getting by
Where some are at their lowest
And as I live and learn because there's always someone mouthing
Speaking on an issue, praise you or they diss you
Long as I am strong, the words fly by me
Night vision unseen, like Jean 
When I hack men The Unforgiven, left in prison 
In the Wu-Tang dirty dungeon, now you succumbin' 
To my twelve part
with no kind of worries
On the block drinkin' malt liquors and hard liquor
Puffin a spliff while the cars ride by pumpin' Jigga
I'm from B-R-double
take the world by storm
Sky blessed, the land of the brave
Understand where I stand, my hand is made
From B R double-O K-lyn in the planet
And double up it, ain't never happened touch it
A lot of niggaz focued on they candy paints
And that was in the grills, steering wheels and grand
But I
what chu niggas say " I bring the funk where you stay"
You can't handle this scandalous nigga raised by the streets
live and die by the heat and all i
on the rubber 

Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang yo 

Chorus: x2]
Bastard Swordsman, swing yo shit 
(I'm duckin' all of 'em 
Swingin back, double edged axe we cuttin' all
digress, I can't live in this contagion
I spread into incisions on occasion
Heavily stricken, witness visions
Omens wall-to-wall followed by a loss of any
bottom, tryin to come up on somethin
Pumpin from sundown to sun-up, we hustlin
Vision my nigga now get in where you fit in
And see prison, as just
Double-wide trailer, pickup truck and a Beamer
Tunnel vision driver; honk your horn if you see us
If you wonder where I'm goin', bruh
(I'm bringin' it back
Muggs, show em what hip-hop means
Baby boys outta Brooklyn, DJ from Queens
But now we cool in Cali, live in L.A.
Makin money for a livin, livin day by
for the double glock

Sug hit when the bullshit stops
Droppin' these shells as I bail make 'em
Live soil 'til this body smell
Leavin' a trail
the middle, lost within the riddle
On God's reflection I stand, within an intersection of life lost
Double crossed by man, we stand ignorant
False prophet,
and a quarter, hit the spot and cop four dimes 
Raw rhymes enable me to live life luxurious and lavish 
My vital infested with carats 
Cabbage is the topic
and doubles, then out of your mouth to blow out
'Cause you had enough of the bitches seizing who?
You saw the beautiful picture at the beginning
With Mr. Tech