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Ours the story shall we carry on
And search the forest of the sun
We dream as we dream, dream as one
And I do think very well that the son might take
don't mean that I don't care
Now I've found someone who loves me
You know the feelings that I miss
But it's not the way I planned it
That's just
seen me there

I walk by other men
And I don't notice them
But then those rumors start again

So I'm gonna tell the world
I don't wanna be
judy garland drugs 
And let me get back to work 
'cause the empire state building 
Is the tallest building in new york 
And I always got the feeling
on the asphalt 
Finally I recognize the face of my hibachi dealer 
Who takes off his prosthetic lips and tells me 
Everything you know is wrong 
Black is
button, and when that button comes alight 
It tells you 
"Walk don't walk
Talk don't talk"
Hey Billy take a walk...with me.
Little Judy's trying to watch
Stop forwarding that crap to me

Like glittery hearts and unicorns and pictures of somebody's cat
Now tell me in what alternate reality 
Would I care
Unemployment at a record high
People coming, people going, people born to die
Don't ask me, because I don't know why
But it's like that
Yo, the fruit don't fall far from the tree
Yeah, uh

My grandfather use to tell me
This place ain't got nothing to offer you
Don't you see all
Today we tell the prisoners
That soon you will be free
Don't no one take this microphone from me

And while I'm up here honey
I got a message for you
Cross that, all black, no priest
I can tell you ain't had no ass, like cold seats
Uptight, so sleek, no sheep
For all this ink I got in my skin, I see
these dates
Who needs flowers?
When all you wanna I say is

I just wanna take you home
We can make a story of our own
Please don't get me wrong
collapse if we don't get sidetracked
If we visualize living underwater hidden by prisms
Countries fall but people transition if one for all we live in that
story tell now can you get with that

What! what! I knit sweaters yo!
What! what! don't test me

Hey hold on, hold on I didn't even say anything
What? I
LOVE towards you
the feeling's better than bass drums
I'm not the only person that's able to read the letter on your face hun
I'll make an alternate
Lemme tell you the story
Bout the call that changed my destiny
Me and my boys went out
Just to end up in misery
Was about to go home when
and family
By any means, your enemies my enemies
We wet them up like a canteen
The yellow tape surrounds the fate
Don't have a face so now you late, open
Boy, take those shoes off before ya come up in dis house
And whatever you do, don't you sit on grandmama's plastic
covered couch
Why is it that when
Tell you a little story and it won't take long
'Bout a lazy farmer who wouldn't hoe his corn
The reason why I never could tell
For that young man was
Lemme tell you the story
Bout the call that changed my destiny
Me and my boys went out
Just to end up in misery
Was about to go home when
hole that I'm inside
These tears, they tell their own story

You told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling's overwhelming
They're much
You tell me you don't love me over a cup of coffee
And I just have to look away
A million miles between us
Planets crashing to dust
I just let it
some shit I gotta get off my chest
Shame on me, listen, how we gonna do this y'all?)

I hit it once right after I dissed her
Then after that tried
Penny lover, don't walk on by
Penny lover, don't you make me cry
Can't you see girl, who my heart's beating for
You're the only girl that I adore
competitive coke heads and go line for line
Honestly that crap of yours you should raffle off
With me they getting Genius Bars without the Apple store