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Stop by and see us for tea

And I stole your soul when you weren't looking
I reached inside and cut it free
It suits me more than it's ever suited
I live in five rooms, but they don't feel like home
Since our dreams are shattered by two hearts made of stone
Sittin' in the livin' room don't
the disrespect cast down as I climb out
Content to believe the lies
So eager to spread them on without a care

Don't know what I've survived
Don't care about
to the eyes of a child, man

But these lights don't make a carnival
It's all wrong as strangers walk on past
The light that's last, no shadows cast
And I'm one
sparkles in your eyes
Then you'd cast a spell and turn
Black into white
Betrayal into laughter

So don't tell me
That it's meant
To be like that
In the dark, there's a love that hides
Is it true, we are blinded by.
Face the words, it's not in your eyes.
Tell me now, that I'm the one for
Cast away to an island
Nothing’s harder than hiding
Being all by myself
You’re resorting to violence
You turned into a tyrant
Telling me stop being
by myself
You’re resorting to violence
You turned into a tyrant
Telling me stop being silent
But the silence deafening

But the silence deafening
See how far from home I've drifted
I don't revolve around you no more
You act like I've been drawn away by another distant star
But you know you cast
standing still
Promises don’t mean a thing
Like a hunt without the kill

Do we ever take the time
To see what comes and what goes by?
Do we ever stop to see
don't love me, stop pretending
Who needs a book with a heartbreak ending

This is the moment to decide
Don't be influenced by foolish pride
Let's try
don't know
She won't leave, she won't go
And smash all of the phones in your head
You can't stop ringing my heart
Dead on the ground by tire tracks
in low, drive by the moonlight.
Out here the world don't spin,
Everything stops where the pavement ends.

You can get you a buzz, blame it
just got...
Even Michael Diamond him never learn
Atop him head him have a curly perm
Tissue up my nose and my dick's in a cast
I don't wanna talk
a deep drag of me
'till you're high, I'll make you feel so good inside
(lower, deeper, damn it's getting hot)
(harder, faster, don't you ever stop
take it to a stop
Don't you come bothering my door
I have heard that one before
We just had it televised
Witnessed it with my own eyes

It's been so long
I should be used to this by now
Loneliness that keeps coming back around
The moon on my window casts a different light
On all
Her and I am barreling out.
And the leaves are coming down
Coverin' up this muddy ground.

Good for you is good for me,
Maybe I'll stop by,
say it's true
We all want honest answers, something true, it's nothing new

You're threatened by what you don't understand, and it's time
Give up
On a hot desert night, the caravan stops
At the oasis next to your heart
The soundtrack is played by some aged British queen
On B.B.C Radio One

Life is my enemy 
It took my very best 
Left me here to cast away 
The shadows and sort through the mess 
Struggle to get by with all my might 
Over a billion voices
Don't think, just speak
You hate me when I'm up
You love me when I'm down
I'm so confused by the world,
Hey the world is so
You built it up brick by brick
Put your heart into this baseless myth
Nurtured it like a child
And dressed its wounds when it ran wild

Stay in stay out
You'll see, you'll be

Now please don't fall apart
It won't stop once it starts
Don't follow me down
Don't turn to face
Met a honey riding on the trolly
Looking kinda Dolby said that I could call her Molly
Said she had a lover that went by the name of Polly
As she