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Stop forwarding that crap to me
Well I don't need tons of cringe inducing puns
Stop forwarding that crap to me

No it isn't OK if you brighten
be now darkness follows me

There must be a way that we have known
Strength for the weak more strength to the strong
No clouds of doubt will cover us
ordering cocktail teller
Gone way the point of no rerun

Over the edge and burned out before I even got my shine
Holding my head in pure doubt
Though you should know by now 

I should make it clear
But its easier to torture
There are no victims here
You don't need to doubt
You should
of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse to the law
And no-one kills the children anymore
And no one
down the street
Where you can speak out loud
About your doubts and fears
And what's more
No-one ever disappears
You never hear their standard issue
a reason
Never doubt or stop believing
And escape


Now wicked tongues can speak
And rewrite history
But you can't keep the truth contained
doubt or stop believing
And escape

There's nothing we should have to fear
It's alright
We've come to life

Now wicked tongues can speak
All the lights are blinking
He's the smartest cookie ever was

Einstein was a surfer
There really was no doubt
'Cause universe was his
probably don't have no idea
She's talking to her friends I'm in the corner and I see her
Something's happening but it isn't very clear
Sounds like a bell,
feel happy, baby?
I love you so much
Why can't we be happy?

No one can satisfy
The needs in me but you
I try to speak my mind to you
But you don't hear
Suggesting the halos that awaited them

The two Miss Leavens
No doubt in heaven
I paint the portraits on ivory
Two perfect likenesses
Teenage your
[ VERSE 1: Laquan ]
We're monitored and the majority sounds alike
So we decided to invent a modified
Type that resembles no one
This method is
surrounded by body guards 
Hoping no one pulls your cord you got me laughing pretty hard 
Thinking you're the white hot man of the hour 
But you just can't
should fall
But even my writers block ends in a fire wall
Everybody acts reckless judging by they past efforts
If they ran shit why it won't show up in
can't dig it
Joe won't lose even if you plan to rig it
Yeah, nothing to prove, with no fear of how I'm depicted
I'm here, won't move, I don't care
say hell no
Reason to stop, fact determined by a cop
Informant or having presence on a high block
Reason to frisk, suspect the law, you breakin it
I once knew a girl by the name of Monique
She was my childhood sweetheart every day of the week
Whether PS46, or 151
After school I'd go to her
can't fuck around (No doubt, un) 
AZ (Nas) {Overlapping each other}: 
You know the game don't stop, from the Coke game to the Dope game 
(Firm Biz,
on searching for a motive, you've got to =
Assure me, don't allow me to doubt, produce the passkey satisfy my =
Suspicions, will you trick me to co-author your
But baby I ain't too cool to believe

I wasn't born yesterday
I don't die for love
Just let the record speak
Then I carry on
I wasn't born yesterday
Reach out and help out
No doubt
See we can actually make a difference
The politicians got game, but I say who are
They kiddin'
Seriously, we gotta
a tower to bum
Torch, a flaming brand, a pyre blazing scourge
Heretics Clad in flames die in silence

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
no doubt/ theres no reason for doubt when you have as much clout as me/ I shout out my name! Midwest invasion is the name of the motha fuckin game!/ if
I'm the alpha, with no omega
Beginning without the, end so play the
Eye inside, no extended version
Next episode be smooth as a persian