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BrickSquad Bikerboys Angel name Charlie,
Goons goin' physco,
White boy gnarley
Every 24 second passing me da marley,
Lame tryna diss don't effect me hardly
So I'll be by your side
For my whole life through
And till the end of time
I'll do what you want me to do

24 hours a day
No matter what time it
So I'll be by your side
For my whole life through
And till the end of time
I'll do what you want me to do

*24 hours a day
No matter what
It's so raw,
The way she screams it's hardcore
I can't ignore
The way you dress it's hardcore

Maybe I don't wanna live
With my anger 24/7
handyman's waitin' and he'll be right there there
24 hours, 7 days a week
If it's getting clogged up or maybe starting to leak
Just ring up my number
Life in a war zone, you make the wrong move, remove your torso
Guns blow back from the track, now the bloods roll
Unslow 24/7 now the funds flow
gonna have my fun
Well I just won't tame I'm gonna be the same 'till I'm three times twenty-one

I'm the big duck in a puddle don't you try to push me
so funky

The batteries I use are called Duracell
They last for three weeks so they do me well
Don't be going through no phases my joint stays
change your world?
A change for the worst

7 by 7 or 4 by 4 I don't care
It doesn't matter anymore push all you like I'm stubborn
Grab all you want it
"Gun shots"

[Ty Knitty]
Uh uh uh it's war son for real

" Machine gun shots"

War (repeating)

If its war it's on
24 slash 7 war war 
and save the night
Cause I don't leave
When the morning comes, it doesn't 
Seem to say an awful lot to me

[Repeat: x12]
All alone 

By expressive
of pain 24 seven, 24 seven 

I dream, I smile, I walk, I cry x2

You might not say that its a wonderful world
And its a wonderful life, and its a wonderful
calming u down
So good that u don't want me to bother u now
Now listen here
Come and kick it with the players, ghetto majors and the thumpa
is media hyjackin'
"As long as I'm alive I'm a keep the vibe
24-7 365"

I'm a leader without affair
Soldier without a past
Come around here
Awwwwww Shit
Whatcha do wrong, show em how ya do it 
Awwwwww Shit
Introducing the 24 seven, yeah yeah
Step into the new millennium
I'm try'na
Our father, who art in heaven
Please watch over me 24/7
Please give me something to believe in
I'm either driven or crippled by these demons
of my t.v. screen.
24-7, You wait for me.
Entertaining angels
By the time I fall to my knees.
Host of heaven, sing over me.

Entertaining angels
mothafuckas talkin' and all that but uh
No, no don't mention me at all
Yeah comin' live and direct
And I know you feelin' some type of way about it, but uh
don't pu-push the cane, I push the brain
ahead of the game-aimin range
not the Rover never pullin over
smooth like Hova gettin'older (It's the remix)
Push and shoving rush hour blues.

Darling are you ready?
You'll be late for the bus!

Don't rush me baby
While I'm using my brush.
Show me the spot

I had to get paper use to move white
Did it 24/7 morning noon night
Had to hit the block early in my true life
the cut

24 for every year that we have slept
Day by day into the neck of the abyss
And I am 24 today I don't believe I'll sit
Through another year
Like a hieroglyph, every 24/7 on survival shit
If you floss flagging niggas kill you on some rider shit
Know who you riding with, friends
and they faith, these hearts that don't break
The dirt roads they laid, have just been paved
By state my claim, and stand my name
Cross the top
the pain by now would make me learn my lesson

[Bridge 1]
But there's no way to win when I push you away
Wanna do anything if you ask me to stay