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the towel sign off just give it up
You tried to beat me in a game that I made up
And by the time you learnt the rules and tried to change your fate
as a good as it gets/gets/straight butter hits

Now, come on y'all, get live get down
What we have is a brand new sound
So don't none of y'all just be
I am a simple goat 
I live on the back of a pick-up truck 
The Old Man tied me here with a 3-foot rope 
Am I happy he don't give a fuck 
ADAM: I am a simple goat.
I live on the back of a pick-up truck.
The Old Man tied me here with a 3 ft. rope.
Am I happy?
He don't give a fuck.
Trying to rob this nigga because I was fucking hungry
But if you try to test let's blast a nigga in a hurry
Me and my squad bounce and left the fucking
a wish
Just like a teardrop to cry
Wave passin' me by
Wondering why?

Live let live not die

I am a diver a long line survivor and
Man, small
into my briefs, because the boxers my jewels jingle
I got a girl, but you can play me like I'm single
Don't worry hon, my pops showed me where it
round here
You ain't leavin' round here, with shit stacked from down here
But doctor bills lil' boy you get clapped around here
(Man don't hate on me
the whole entire street up 
Blast from the car seat-er 
My enemies wouldn't even want to be you 
I see you, hunting me down 
I knowing that my crew arrive
know where I'm comin' from 
Survival of the fittest, and I'll admit it's vicious 
I testify as a witness 
Let me say this first for what it's worth
hit yo block and get respect
And I'm 51 50 so fake on me I break yo neck
And whoever got a problem wit somethin' da boy say
Found out where dem boys
pussy for me?)

Uh-huh, yeah, watch me go Black Forest ham
A new school player laced with the old gift gab
And don't let your Shark Week mouth override
Now, don't get me wrong the 10 Commandments is cool,
See once upon a time I too believed in the Golden Rule
Unemployment figures at an all time high
to argue and I'm in no mood to fight 
So let the tears pass you by 
Don't you cry, don't you cry, don't you cry 
And I ain't gonna let this big world get
On the shadow of someone's doubt 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 

So don't hold out, don't let these chances pass you by 
Here's your life, you're gonna get it right
you want to hold on but you gotta let go
And I live by those words 'cause Grandpa told me so

I promised him I wouldn't cry when it was his time
Don't let a tear fall from your loving eyes
Smile, smile
Don't let a frown, don't let a frown
From others get you down
Smile, smile

Come with me
been scared before my nigga 
Ghetto from head to toe 
When I got some lyrical foe my nigga 
The mics the fo fo when trigga 
Launchin my verbal
Jenny, mira que esta loco, 
Yo me lo como como pastelito coco
I get on stupid on a beach, she wowo
I got mamis, mamis by the boatload
Yo tengo la
esta loco,
Yo me lo como como pastelito coco
I get on stupid on a beach, she wowo
I got mamis, mamis by the boatload
Yo tengo la carne, y ella el mojo
Let's get 'em!) 

Don't look now, but I'm back! 
Now give me all my props again 
I gotta kick your motherfuckin' ass for steppin' on my moccasins!
the trunk smelly
By me and my Relly, you never know
Whatever tho, I got auto magazines and that weak intro
What you got against me?
Don't you know I rip
You who live in heaven 
Hear the prayers of those of us who live on earth 
Who are afraid of being left by those we love 
And who get hardened by
from the problems and the pressures caused by insecurities

Get up! Get up!
Let the good times roll!
Get up! Get up!
Take my heart and my soul!
Get up!
Now I got real authentic cheetah print shit (Nigga, you're a liar)
Nigga don't believe me, kiss your lady
And boy, you're gonna get them heebie