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drove insane

I can't feel a thing
Emotionlessness never felt me this way

Can this be the rest of my life
No care, no remorse
Follow me to a cold, numb
about which Titanic I`mma sink
The iceberg, with the nice words
I slice verbs and predicets, ghetto etiquette

Y`all better get, this dime-mega s***
Check it
For you to fuck with this apostle, it's not possible
Mega large collossal nigga you docile
And I sizable play me close and I'll ox you
a good excuse?

It's 12 o'clock, tick tock tick, the clothes drop
She's on top and I don't even wanna stop, no
Made me disregard and break my
I think that I should start by saying Yo

I don't know your name but excuse me miss
I saw you from across the room

I got to give her game
Just call me young nigga
Our money grown doe
By the way
Lets go yeah
You already know what time it is lets go

I said I'm young
Your man done it, push the EX 100
And you don't want it, I got the whole rap game cornered

Watch me flaunt it, damn right I'm iconic
Soon as Nix
dat, suck my big dick for that
Don't try to trap my rap 'cause yo I'm too quick for that
I got the recipe and yes it's me with my crewin
So if you didn't
without your heat on
Don't get it twist
I leave the cypher with split lips Shadeeq style, sick
Call the specialist 
Unwrestle this
Red tape make thick
layin stranded with your dome cracked
Because we livin in the fast days
So if your ass wanna die fuckin with me, there's a fast way
It's young Hollow Tip
this bitch don't leave
Ron, get the gasoline
This spot, we 'bout to blow
Let's get the cash before the cops and Range Rover cats know
It's room 112
iraq to yugoslavia, somalia
	capadre, diamonte, pope', world war 3
	CNN history, by the powers of God, 
	that is invested in me, since '93
to be like me
It's too hard cause you don't even know this streets
And me I mack this hoes with need
See and you all you do is smoke that weed
record like Bangkok Dangerous
36 Chamber Fists, trianglist
Watch me mangle this, star spangle this
Rock cowboy wrangle it, create mega hits
I'm from
which Titanic I`mma sink
The iceberg, with the nice words
I slice verbs and predicets, ghetto etiquette
Y`all better get, this dime-mega shit
a felonist, don't fuck with ghetto presidents
Run up in your residence, gather all the evidence
Murder list is specialist, clickin' on this medicine
don't even like
The way we hit your town, it's so funny
It's all about makin' big money
So before I go, you should remember this
Motherfuck you, damn
to ride
To keep the heater right by her side

Ah-yo so what the deal dogg tell me keep it real dogg
N****z seem to the brain how you feel dogg
and balls, and please don't forfeit 
'Cause you won't get away, your status will be stank 
You can ride with me, G; I'm goin' to the bank 
To meet up with
senses, gods of heavenly business 
Count Dracula told me how to find the eclipse 
I leave your lip stitched 
'Cause you couldnt mind your business 
Can we walk and have an interview
Florida this land is overdue

So Florida don't make me cry
For I got leave your way bye bye
White sandy beaches
CNN, yeah this is like our 60th week 
 Yo Flex, you got the Jeep but now you gettin the peep 
 Me and you goin platinum, cause you f***in with me
don't run up on me, wit dat rah rah, 
Smoking lah lah
I'll blow holes in your dada, you nada
I toke a lotta, choke a lotta... from Havana
And stroke skins
"Baby Boy"
Leave me alone, I'm Hancock
Liquor sto' close I'm swoopin 'round hittin the second-hand spot
I don't fuck with no ho unless she a dancer
on the brain
So you chill by yourself don't really sweat nobody
Speak to all the brothers and say peace to every hottie
But lurking in the ghetto is a germ