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[Zion I] 
See Grouch you my guru leader 
So I don't need to pack no heater 
Like syrup you make this sweeter 
This ballad is beemer teeter 
the kid with the butterfly net the kid with the butterfly net. (intro)

Em see em see
And when you close your eyes you don't see a thing
Em see see d
{"One-two one-two"}
... W, K, why, A
Haha, Def Squad niggaz
{"One-two one-two"}
Gilla Gilla Gilla Gilla, Gilla House
Ooh {"So let's do
normal off of drugs
I just don't get it

And then I saw John Cale
he's been looking really great
He's been coming by the office to exercise with me
To see my honey, but I don't know
Looks like I'll have to row,
It's like the gulf of mexico, down by the Texaco


[G] [Em] [C] [G]
Pre>intro riff the high notes are f# g be f# g see

The chords appear to be em cmaj7 e see then em cmaj7 3 times

Em cmaj7 d em
Every street is
to go get paid and continue the charade of
Customer service since I don't get commission
My efforts seem worthless thanks and have a nice day
'Cause what
wrong with Santa Claus?] 
[Bob: There's nothing wrong with Santa Claus, but...] 
[Anything Muppet #1: Don't you like Christmas?] 
[Bob: Oh, I love
[Intro - Tech N9ne (Taken from S.H.E.)]
I got the idea to do this next one right after the S.H.E. shit happened
So my nigga Kaliko came through
Thank God I never made it to Earth, what a happy place
how I long to be depressed, to be a grouch, get away

Yo, Yo Here I stand in the desert
the entire colony have one-by-one been through 
The same glorious romantic tragedy with the same three Lamia, 
Who regenerate themselves every time,
figments which is vivid 

And give it to ya baby like love without no limit 

I have no limits no gimmicks no image don't mimick 

I'm finished no
sick and decay.
And the readers all stand there, digesting the system,
You don't have to be choking to become a victim!

hate your state [x4]
flags up, yes sir
You a burr that don't mean you dress fly
A lot of people hittin' on me, mad to see me on
You grouch, Oscar, Academy Award
I can play
No diamonds would be bought by this man
If I took a lucky strike and hit the jackpot
Would I rot in hell or prosper
Cottontail the offer
Darling don't quarrel with me, It hurts too easily 
Don't be messed up by silly tendency 
No no way 

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3] 
She mek a can
(Don't forget about us)
Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go
No baby, no baby, no baby no
Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go
where Glocks reload
Me and my ego box we throw punches he knock me cold
Off my toes and heels, if I was on my feet I wouldn't 
have chose the cheap
don't bite and I might check
And if I find your behind I'll break your neck
Mr. World Rhymin' Rapper ready to have fun
You'll reason with the rekkid
the garage we pretended and meet
I recommend it, strugglin independence
An apprentice not a pro from the get go
Music so genuine, don't even have to speak
But nuttin' don't beat that savage pussy.  You know that
pussy that breathes, the snappin' pussy, that have
ya head fucked up.  You know I'm a big
One, two (Yeah) ... One, two, three ...
[Intro. (Electric Guitars and Organ)]
Nash: If you smile at me I will understand
'cause that is something
normal off of drugs
I just don't get it

And then I saw John Cale
he's been looking really great
He's been coming by the office to exercise with me
really want to do is just break through to your mind 
And show you just because you did some hood time 
Don't make it impossible to have a good time when
you want to cry 
So tell me girl what you're going through 
Is that your man is not being good to you 
Baby, don't cry, no 
You don't have to, you