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Fuck you, fuck you, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccck yooooooooou  
(repeats throughout the song)

By this time I see y'all I say
another crazy clique, doing whatever to get us by Put your guards up, show them who really running the streets with them Calicos When we pumped up, you out
shit alongside I, the apparent head
I am the general, bow now
Fuck saluting!
I don't really think y'all niggas get it
Run up on your with a army it is
niggaz understand we still don't give a fuck
Know what I'm talkin' about?

[Caddillac Tah]
Yeah, yo
Niggaz trying to take us off our crime
We back
Yea I’mma hater, fuck yo wrists
Yea I’mma hater, fuck yo life
Yea I’mma hater, nigga fuck yo money
Fuck your car, nigga fuck yo clique
Yea I’mma
the rules the rest of us are fucking fools judged by the way you look, so fucking lame fuck you fashion statement game. what's the point of trying to fit in
their work handle their business man who going fuck with us?

[Caddillac Tah]
Yeah, shit
I don't know what why yall thought
But we pro's and we flow,
coast, that's my shit, 4Hunnid, that's my clique
Last nigga that beat the pussy up, well, um, that's my bitch
I don't give no fucks, I don't give no
Be, I'm feeling it from the heart now, be
Yo straight up, yo, this Murder, Harlem World is the clique
I'm with my nigga Killer and we 'bout to lay it
Feel the heat from our gunfire, when you see us coming
Their your niggas running, wild and heartless and we steady gunning
Don't fuck with a legit
With the Dungeon clique, just pulled a lick
Now what you really wanna know about some gangsta shit

Do you really wanna know about some gangsta
Nigga, any-fucking-time, nigga, any-fucking-where
"Make 'em bleed" is the motto that I live by
If you fuck with me, it's a must, you die
Them niggas
IMG nigga, ha-ha
What? You ain't knowin' 'bout this motherfuckin' clique motherfucker?
Too many niggas you just can't fuck with.
So you better bow
That's why I can kick it so tuff, 'cause when times get ruff, my
(Niggas don't give a fuck nigga)
The clique I'm with, don't give a shit, ya know why?
and don't give a fuck
Blasting y'all suckers who turn against us

[Verse 1: M.I.G.]
Tremb will fillitation ain't no hesitation from my clique
I dumps quick, my clique be so thick, 
With hi-tech mob shit, crooked as Soviet. 

The house on the water, independent shippin'
And executives rap stars with black cars
So we could swipe it charge it to the game
Trips to M.I.A. Murcielago in the lane

She's got a thing for slippin' clique
them, they run
They don't wanna see us (take money)
Whole Junior M.A.F.I.A. Clique
Dressing up trying to be us (take money)
How the fuck they gonna be
They give us guns and drugs
Then wonder why in the fuck we thugs
They wanna count the slugs
Then come around here and fuck with us
They give us guns
And then I put one in his mom head if I don't get mine
You could call it what you want to, but that's how I play it
Now play with me, I got a K, and watch
stupid fuck
Take your ass up the block doggy the stoop is us
This is for my Benjamin bitches
You don't need 'em, get money credit scam bitches

watching as the world goes by
'Cause they don't give a fuck about us

Now if I choose to ride, thuggin' till the day I die
They don't give a fuck about
nothin to loose
I know you seen the shoot out scene
Don't make us reneact, 'cause I rather be laid up in ?? with a featured actress

[chorus x2]

Yo the NYC, M-O-B-B thug shit (and that's my shit) 
I can't get enough of it 
Either fuck with it or don't fuck with it 
Catch us in a middle
motherfucka where you from 
Well represent yo shit - represent yo shit
Say fuck that clique - say fuck that clique
Represent yo shit - represent