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98 Mute · Rami Mute

Right in my face
I can't hear
This body has become mutilated by fear
In hunger I swallowed my tongue
My touch is a mute's scream

With an unctuous
don't feel your will
You can't find your gut

And she lay on her back
She made sure she was hid
She was mute and staring
Not feeling the thing
the reason I left them back
        It's the reason all the people say
        My 98-O blows 'em all away
        Understand, I don't drive drunk
sister I lay wasted
From the pain scarred by all the mute remorse inside my head
Slice and begin again, again
Slice this skin again
When I'm down
Pray for
the killer?
She knows I was doing a favor
When I fell upon her
By way of a merciful murder

With every warning you wonder
Don't have to tell the truth
Just keep
be another suspect 

Watch your head 
Cap that crop 
Punk is dead 
Scalped by pop 

I can't compute who I should mute or trust 
In a faulty
that he would write
So he sat down at her table
And they talked about the weather
98.6 and rising down by Boulder Dam that night


Now he's traded
toe to the 9-8
As we dip da through the 9-7
As we tip toe to the 9-8

Daddy you trippin

Come here momma
Momma don't cry
No we don't need my daddy no
Today he traded his big '98 Oldsmobile
He got a heck of a deal
On a new Porsche car

He ain't wearing his usual grey business suit
He's got jeans
Today he traded his big '98 Oldsmobile
He got a heck of a deal
On a new Porsche car

He ain't wearing his usual grey business suit
He's got jeans
And she wishes he were mute and not just dumb
When the trick asked her quick, "Did you come?"

It's a drag
Saluting that starry rag
no rainfall
All the boys were depressed by this circumstance
Trust in the weather to bless agricultural man
Who gives birth to more farmhands, don't
they're searchin' for my 98

Accelerate the race from the chase
Looka my face
It ain't hate but they don't want a debate
To take great
Can I live my
shoe off and a bridge to cross over
And where is your taxi fare,
Are you left by yourself or left by your lover?
For three nights straight now I dream
kind of this old world would this be

You don’t want to admit that you, too, have been bit
By that love god, those tiny teeth
Why don’t you realize,
they don't bother me

Come on inside and submit to my feet
With a mute dissection
Looking so sweet to me
Please come to me
Accomplish my call, love
Redneck Riviera is where I want to be down here on the Redneck Riviera by the sea
Down here on the Redneck Riviera trawlin' up and down Mir-a-cle
He need not heed the neighbors now
And throw me up for all to see,
The flies of August swarming me

I get a ride
Right by your side
Under your
Orders from authority taken with no doubt
Over everything agreed
Deaf, blind, mute and cold
You're following the mind which is not your own

No plans
Reaching from the swamp
Grabbed me by my arm
Tried to pull me in
But my arm was strong
And the fin was an 
Inaccurately reconstructed fake

It was
Mass hysteria
Mass hysteria

True sounds of maniacal laughter
And the deaf-mute is misleading the choir
The punchline is a natural disaster
Well these days I'm spread so thin
I'm getting carried up by the wind
Every time you get high
You might see me floating by

Well so long old
take cover in the clover, 
You don't shoulder the load

Wagner and wife, drama and strife.
Their syphilitic friend Dionysus is wise not to ask,
Mass hysteria!
Mass hysteria!
Mass hysteria!

True sounds of manacial laughter
And the deaf mute is misleading the choir
The punchline is a natural

And by the time the word was out
That you had lost your head
We tried to substitute
We turned to mute to talk instead
And they all want it