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loops since niggas was rockin Hawaiian suits
What? Don't shoot gun shot leave ya family upset
Tight the trip DT's, chasin down robbery suspect

a big old railroad had my daddy shot in the back

Chorus repeat and bridge repeat

Well load up your guns its time to fight
It just don't matter
are away at the Summer Delk Bay

Till they beat that drum to get you back home
Until they beat it to keep you away

Will you burn your bridges down
don't hate me

Remember when you caught me cheating (cheating)
You said I stopped your heart from breathing (stopped ya heart)(breathing)
song ya if you agree with mee


Don't burn your bridges
Don't you ever turn back and close the door
Cause it just might be
That you want
Rule number one never tell these rats learn ya business
Rule two never ever burn by bridges
I had niggas that was hatin' now they in my face
lit by Olympic torches
Gold bars melted and what returned Rolexes
Niggas got Breitlings to burn
Loyalty to earn
Royalty to who it may concern this is
of ours, is empowered by my niggas who pumping
Twenty four hours of slang motion, wave brush
Ya knew my hair was the ocean, running through the building
an overflow of the rage you're pushing this way
So are you gonna move
Make it, and don't forget,
Funky, you're what you are
In Addiction we trust
And if you want to get all hype, I'll have to settle ya
By pullin out my 12-gauge shotgun
And if you want to go rhyme for rhyme, I got some
or Karan
Don't burn bridges if you plan to make riches
The ones that you least expect to be the worst snitches
For a dollar, a nigga screamin' holla out
Death that stale taste embraced by
Breath such mysteries in kissin these
She devils tell me ya pretty by the
Lamp in your attire nutthin at stake
They mad at me
Check got Os, diamonds in my chain (they mad at me)
Good got Jordan's, the sun in my Range (they mad at me)
Pass by don't
They mad at me
Check got Os, diamonds in my chain (they mad at me)
Good got Jordan?s, the sun in my Range (they mad at me)
Pass by
They mad at me
Check got Os, diamonds in my chain (they mad at me)
Good got Jordan's, the sun in my Range (they mad at me)
Pass by don't
I made A-list, but drove my own spaceship
Kept my nose nowhere near Uranus
People told me I should not burn bridges before
But why I need
we could duke or shoot it out
Switchblades pump gauge, whatever you about
Burn you to ya hood we could bang for the work
For the building or the blocks
circlin', two cuts on shorty mugged
Streets turn by the fliest of bug
It's switch the e-shit fucker
I take rhymes like a piss
Eat the beats like tuna fish
(????) on Jay Birds phone Cryin, ya missin me
And I'm stallin', I'll bite ya arm off
Sabertooth Tiger, run the night with the sharp claws
In ya backyard
drop me 
Nicky back at you like star 6-9 
On the grind, on ya mind and I'm runnin outta time
You know that bay bridge heart kid run through my veins
In the seeds we sow by singin' dis tune
Is the cure an the healing, we treat bad feelings 'cause
You feel the pressure when you workin' from nine
flies outta ya mouth
Or I'ma hijack a plane and fly it into your house
Burn your apartment with your family tied to the couch
And slit your throat, so
Those who choose to leave me behind
Are confused cause they don't hear me cry, rather ya ears
Is ready or not, I know you can hear me now like
at a distance and your enemies close
Cause the folks you call friends can envy the most
Some cats'll hang themselves if you give 'em a rope
Burn the bridge
where you from that it's where you at
But where I'm from, why'all can tell, don't matter where I'm at
Born and bred in the streets of New York, New York