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Woman, sensuous woman
You control the world I'm living in
Woman, sensuous woman
Release my body and let me live again

Step by step you taught
How often can you break a broken heart in two
I'll never love again now that you set me free
I'll live my life alone with all the hurt you left with me
Serenity, serenity
Surrender to me

Don't break me down again
Don't break me down again
Don't break me down again
I'm home

You fill me up
an addiction, love survives 
It's so connected to our lives 
I look in your eyes and all I see 
Is my life go by

So break my heart again
in to the lie that a heart never changes
Don't be fooled by what you see there
Another man with another case of
One restless heart
start over again
We can start over again and again

As our hearts join one more time
Misunderstanding we could live behind
Don't you think it ain't true
Hear the cry, destiny calling you again
Point the way, allow you to fly away
Following the silent voice within

Break away, rise anew
By leaving
Well, I live up on a mountain top
In un-ended misery
?Cause my love lives upon the other
Mountain and she named that agony

The folks up there don't
Before I have to face another bad day,
And my heart breaks again

It's only a dream
But it's all so real
Don't want it to end
But I know it will
As the little girl
Who's gonna give her world to you
Don't break my heart again

I'm closing this door
Kiss me
Kiss me once more
You're the one who taught
I want to go there 
I want to go there 
Before they throw my heart in a junkyard 
'Cause I don't have another love in me
Can't even let the last

World wait forever never
Take the time
Don't break my heart

Though I wanna take the time
By nature or design
It's so hard
on home with the right song
Played at the right time
What happened to the girl that you loved once and left
Young man did you break her heart
Did she live
to a red balloon
and she watched it fly up high into the clouds.

Don't break my heart again. We're one in the same. 
Baptized by tears. Washed in
Can you feel the tension in the air?
Assuring you once again I'm there
'Cause you break my trust,
You break my heart
I'll break your fall

So I
don't know where and don't know when
I'll find myself in love again
I promise there will always be a little place no one will see
A tiny part within my
forward to fighting you forever
We are bound by more than just two hearts living
Without consequence
This almost changes everything like our

I know she could break my heart again
But I'm gonna play and I'm gonna win
Where Otis would play
Da da da dock of the bay 

Meet Me In
only after the rain 
(Can) you live again
I know the emptiness you feel inside
You think if you break away, you'll never survive
I'm waiting as my
Can you feel the tension in the air?
Assuring you once again I'm there
'Cause you break my trust,
You break my heart
I'll break your fall

So I
Why do people lie?
Lying only breaks their hearts
And tears their lives apart
Making them cry
Tell me why

Even if I try
Even if I lie
won't let me sleep
Don't let hearts break
And don't let children cry
Before it gets too late
I want to testify

I take what's said as my daily dread
by my side
It's no good without you
I just can't live without you

And I will never let you go again
I lost you once, my world came to an end
I paint a picture, I think it's easier to live that way
But my heart is really broken
I'm not the man you think I am when you see me
Each day Torn
to live while I'm alive 
(It's my life) 
My heart is like an open highway 
Like Frankie said 
I did it my way 
I just wanna live while I'm alive