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Everybody want to be down with a nigga
Women get a whiff of the money
Thinking of taking it from me
They get up in the club
Giving the love
You want me to jam I'm finna enter
Brain waves came from insane days
Make ya sick like bad mayonnaise
(Tech N9ne!) Got the remedy rhyme infinity
[Intro - Tech N9ne (Taken from S.H.E.)]
I got the idea to do this next one right after the S.H.E. shit happened
So my nigga Kaliko came through
Two triple zip
Crack a jaw
Whip 'em all
If they want to trip
Ladies with the bar codes
Meet me after this
Maybe you can show me
(Tech n9ne Talking)
Yo Turn this shit up a little bit Juan	
So these motherfuckers can feel what I'm saying
Yea, like that

(Monstah!) (Repeat 6
N9ne: Yeah (echoes)

[Tech N9ne]
Fall into a spell way deeper than hell
Sensation was given to me from my homegirl Chelle
Told me, since I was in pain
the rest equals mc squares, what

Who got this mutha fuckin
House on lock (who)
Einstein (huh what)
Tech n9ne
Who keeps it sizzling
Who keeps
more science, scar's 'n' stitches
Alphabetical gems blow by him, pause it a bit
Tech N9ne a mental giant

He's a mental giant (Tech N9ne)
He's a mental
ta fight your chick
Lorena Bobbitt, Told her to slice yo dick
If you Ever break up with a Psycho bitch

[Verse I: Tech N9ne]
Don't give me that
hardy hardy hardy hardy hardy hardy hardy

[Tech N9ne]
Life's a bianca, so me and Cali create the Funkra
Don't interput me during me mantra
Hunts for
Press 1 to review your messages

What up? Is this Tech N9ne?
Strange Music, homie
Tech Nina, baby
Hahaha, Caribou Lou

You're hilarious

to the sounds of Tech N9ne
I don't need no medication, I just packs my crispy flows
Endo, rum and fornication, jammed up for why'all filthy hoes
That nigga
ever put 'em out there like that
  Feelin that I did Tecca Nina take it right back
Tellin 'em that they mommy's boyfriends Tech N9ne
* Don't be lookin
wit us
Y'all can't fuck wit us

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
It's the one
With a name of a gun
Look at me mamma what I become
It's a, monsta, gangsta, fast
And God said let us make man in our image (Tech)
According to our likeness (N9ne)
Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea
over birds
Tech N9ne is iggy J
You can find me off in Kansas City on Saturday at Maniax
Or at the Motel 6 laying up with two chicks the Lenny and Squiggy way
my name, they call me,
(DUH DUH-DUH DUH), Tech N9ne
And I uh, need a Caribou Lou
Uh, that's 151 Malibu Rum and pineapple juice,
You know what I'm
the royal playas don't hate an innervator...

TECH N9NE 2nd verse:
You gotta disease nigga, so please ease away from me's nigga, my feas ease be's about that
N9ne times you must repeat it
Mind trying just to lead it
I'm N9ne, who supposed to be this rough MC
Who's glutton-ny would rhyme grime,
feel I'm barely hangin on
(I just want to die)
I don't want to wake up
I don't want to wake up cause that's the way
It has to be

(Tech N9ne says this
and dissin' me

[Hook: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kalico]
This is me (this is me)
I'm a king, I'm a klown, I'm a G (I'm a G)
I believe what I want
Got you singin' my
at Club Zen and drinkin', actin' brand new
Actin' like he never seen my face and I ain't got loot
They know I'm Cash Image and I'm with Tech N9ne
and guns
Spray guns, life results with you often times

[Tech N9ne]
Just sprayed by the Tech N9ne hand gun
Now I'm on the outrun
Flowin up
Take that dead shit on
And if you're bitch in the club with ass on me
I'm gonna take that home.
By the sinister TECH N9NE
By the sinister, by
Spy inside of al-Qaeda, they lyin'
When tryin' to diss Tech N9ne
And when they all shall buy us
I don't fit the part for main stream cause I'm