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Talk about a lousy weekend
Couldn't find a single friend friend
Had my heart set on disappointment
Up walks a super Joe Joe
Asks me how my day go
[Fat Joe over Chorus 2]
Guess who's back?
Yeah, guess who's back?

[Fat Joe]
They call me Pillsbury Dough-bwoyyyy
Cause they know I really get that
I don't just flow I over flow I be filling up the sink
Like I left the water on I run this bitch if anybody ask
Aint much change since high
to the point you have to ask for your ass back
A fucking joker smoker, taunted by no one
If I was born in Chung Li's temple I would've turned out a shogun
Suggestion, (ah, excuse me Mr. Crump can we ask you some questions)
Don't ask me no questions

[Chorus: x2]

Now shortly, it be that portly MC from
[Fat Joe:]
Guess who's back?
Yeah, guess who's back?
They call me Pillsbury dough-bwoyyyy
'Cause they know I really get that dough bwoyyyy
to her and that's murder for hire
By the window, light X, don't ask why
I ain't takin' no Zs 'cause the clan's outside

100 million records, all
your husband ain't Icy like me
She stand on B.C. in my ashy black tee
When dem dope man nikes and dem jore ass jeans-Jordache Jeans
I don't pay her
Janet Jackson
I'm off three double stacks and I'm lookin for that action
Gucci Mane you stupid man I love the way you flowin
Ridin in my drop but I don't
I don't pay her but I still keep that thrax on me
I'ma the shit in East Atlanta baby ask about me
Pop one pop two two halves that's three
A hundred G's a week nigga, so I couldn't stop
Now I done stole me a few ki's 
I'm tha only young nigga Uptown frontin Q-P's
You don't believe me ask Joe
of fame, that's when it's a shame
Seein' real emcees tryin' to imitate rappers
If you ask me, they goin' out ass-backwards
Trading in respect to push
i'm single and screwed over more than Britney's ex's
looking for the type of girls that like me for my Lexus and nothing else
cuz i'm not in
invade Helen of Troy
Single dominant A-male, getting pussy by mistake
How much hate mail can one pretty nigga generate?
Wasn't delicious bullets missing me
the motherf***ing room
'Cause they don't f***ing..

(I'd like to propose a toast)
(I said toast motherf***er)

And I am
And they ask me, they ask me, they ask
In attempts to moderate they ask why we don't write love songs.
What is it that we sing then?
Our love of life is total, everything we do is