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Nation Album of Ace Of Base
The Unholy bands from the holyland [Album] - Compiliation.
Cause Of Death by Obituary
Deicide Album by Deicide
quite a lot. maybe that's normal when the band's not
On the scene for a while. but after that it feels really good to have,
Actually, a new album ready
[P. Wagner, J. Schroeder/P. Wagner]

[This is a fun-version with new words of an very old song from Avenger, the band that became Rage in late '85.
the bands like a nigga went to Jackson State
Or Grambling
Young Nick Cannon with the snare drum, dancin'
Watch the way I handle it, uh
Bring it
and waving at the crowd
As he drove through the music of the band
And never even knowing no more time would be allowed
Not for the president and not for
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    Together You And I Lyrics
By: jimmy buffett
This song is for billy clyde tuggel. I hope you make it to tahiti one day.
-- spoken:
"play ball!! (one, two, three, four)"
Who is the man with the master plan?
DJ Mister Cee
Who is the man with the master plan?
He goes by the name of the Big Daddy Kane
Then it goes
Talking:Cuz I'm tellin you man they ain't nothing else to talk about
the same shit every motherfuckin album, I don't give a damn how many he put 
Shit, tired of gettin' shot at
Tired of gettin' chased by the police and arrested
Niggas need a spot where we can kick it
A spot where we belong,
true religion before you found it in denim
Feel the Wrath of Kane and you could not escape
The hip hop version of ?The Ring? and you just watched
is too cold cut-able man, geah!
Bakka-bakka, shots flowing here
Swizz, get 'em! What up?
Lox album, Eve album
"One Man Band Man" bitch!
its all good
Leave all the stress from the world outside, every wrong done
Will be alright, nothin' but peace, love n street passion
Every ghetto needs
squad of design monsters
Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters

So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus
Selling a hundred
shit I ain't done nothin' to 'em
They just mad 'cause when I see 'em I don't run up to 'em
Between me and you, yo you know I run right through 'em

broke, then I'm breakin' up in the place where you layin'
You know, same shit every nigga done in his life
I look at this, why speak on when I want when
I know that I am man 
I'm going down in history like American Band stand
I stay fresh to def like the neighborhood dope man
I stay on the top cause
cause I kno that I am man
I'm goin down in history like American Band stand
I stay fresh to def like the neighborhood dope man
I stay on the top cause
I'm givin' it to you old school style, no album cover gimmicks,
No intros, no shout outs, nothin' but straight lyrics,
If you in your car buckle