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the poor, La Dolce Vita

Mira, mira, guys, there's Lira in here eyes, La Dolce Vita
I catch a cold just by looking in your eyes, La Dolce Vita
some inspiration

I've got a lot of time to lose

You can dance

And then the dolce vita
I find my beauty queen

In England there's a moment
Salire fino al sole
E ricadere lungo il pendio
Quello dolce che hai
È un incontro d'anime

La notte sembra perfetta
Per consumare la vita io e te
cows in all the pubs
But he preferred the new nightclubs

Nineteen sixty-seven
Bandit men in birdcage heaven 
La dolce vita, sixty-nine
All new
in comes his daughter
Whose name was Rita.
She looked like she stepped out of
La Dolce Vita
I immediately tried to cool it
With her dad
And told him
e si alzo dal pianoforte
ma quando vide uscire
la luna da una nuvola
gli sembro piu dolce anche la morte
guardo negli occhi la ragazza
arms and shouted out
"la dolce vita!!"
Then once again
She took my hand
And said "let's dance"

We were sliding to the left
Bello bello!
We were
Adriana Lima
Fresh, nice, gedresst wie Maria
Baby langsam du unterschätzt den Tequila
Dolce Vita, komm, ich zeig' dir mein Leben
Werd' mein Mädchen und
a clean-cut kid 
And I been to college, too." 

Then in comes his daughter 
Whose name was Rita.
She looked like she stepped out of 
La Dolce Vita. 
smellin' cigarettes 2 the American boys 

"La Dolce Vita" was the knob that turned me on 
Marcello Mastroianni Italian Mac comin' on strong 
He had all
estás? Ey yo, mamacita
Sexappeal, dein Stil Adriana Lima
Fresh, nice gedressed wie Maria
Baby, langsam, du unterschätzt den Tequila
Dolce Vita, komm,