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c'mon dice

c'mon dice

Throw on a Hollyhood Wear by Lil' Kim
You know the Queen Bee known for (doin it way big)
We take trips to Mekenos,
'round here 
You been doin' what I think you been doin' baby, can't do that 'round here 
Here you come mam big as hell, tell what you been doin' by way
Ladies in the night, doin' the hustle
Ladies in the night, flexin' their muscles
Ladies in the night, big city, big city girls

We worked out a deal
Willy Dear
Stronger than Sampson I declare
Till a brown-skinned woman's bobbed his hair

Big Bad Bill don't fight anymore (No, no, no)
He's doin
'round here
You been doin' what I think you been doin' baby, can't do that 'round here
Here you come mam big as hell, tell what you been doin' by way you
big doin’s down at Boudreaux's house

Take my bateaux down to the bayou
Pole on over to the fais do do
Don't be late, don't keep me waitin'
we're gonna grab some
Lovin' huggin' cuddlin' up and rendezvous
'Cause I'm in love with you
Big time

A little music, a sip of champagne
on my mind so u know I keep them stack
And if know me goan holla at a playa
I make big moves so I'll tell ya bout it lata
Ima certifiedpimp doin whut I
I know what you mean
I tried but I can't hide
What's worryin' me
Tell me it's not what it seems 

After all the hours spent
Waitin' by
to handle flavor
Keep my face sweaty till there's no more make up


It feels so good to be so in love and have someone right by your side
News Reporter:
Well, it seems they're in the news again.  The 2 Live Crew has
started a dance craze that has basically taken the nation by
of dawn
Sonnier's got his squeeze box pumping
Thibadeaux's got his fiddle out
Meet me over by the side of the river
There's big doins down
in a 69 my humpty nose will tickle ya rear
My nose is big, uh-uh I'm not ashamed
Big like a pickle, I'm still gettin' paid
I get laid by the ladies, ya
came the animals two by two
Hippopotamus and kangaroo
In came the animals three by three
Two big cats and a bumble be.
In came the animals four by four
When I was just a boy
In times of youthful hero worship
My kind have been molded by images on the screen
Brought up to emulate the big
I didn't want to
Have to go out and see you walking by

One look and I'd break right down and cry
Now you say that you made a big mistake
Never meant
Fall in love with Big House Dana?
It was love, he was broke and her folks didn´t dig it
What is it
That let them know they wasn´t doin´nothing wrong?
girl and hold her tight.
We can take it nice and easy,
You know it won't be long till we'll be, we'll be

Down by the lazy river,
Come as you
One by one dey come,
An' one by one to dreamland dey go.
How's it done?
You ask me, how's it done?
I got a trainer man
Who taught me all I
on sheets of satin
That's what time it is, you know what's happenin'
She had a big ole booty, I was doin' my duty
I mean, yo, I admit that my girl's
to be a preacher or what?)
I'm doin my thing, kid
(Give it up with the preachin God
Just rhyme, just rhyme)
Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid
(Alright then,
don't want the truth

What am I doin'
I ain't in my youth
I'm past my prime
Or was that just a pose

It a wonderful lie
And I still get by
See her in that very tight skirt
Got what it takes 
Just to make yo hurt
Don't you see by those big bright eyes
Prefer to treat her nasty and low
you to tell me that you'd be mine
And honey I'm doin' the best I can
But I got to be your man

I got to be your man
I got to
That great big moon
Yes, you're known by the company you keep 
You say you're doin' nothing wrong 
I don't believe you are 
I'm only trying to help you sis