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I'm steppin' out on the streets again 
Cos I'm tortured by demons, winged beasts and carrions 
The air is alive with dagger and poisons 
parked but the rims keep moving 
Sign pictures by the hundred, to the youngins in the hood cause I
Ain't Hollywood, I come from the hood I'm use to it,
until you had enough
Of that good ol sicky stuff

And girls they come in runnin over again with that STICKY 24-7

Your sticky good I can't lie
It taste

         Weeping my heart out till cold grey dawn
         Prayin' that you're lonely and you come here too
down for a spell,
Oklahoma City and he's lost his last bill

Jeff is in a bind waiting on sister hicks
Seven comes a-calling
As we cross on into
a spell,
Oklahoma City and he's lost his last bill
Jeff is in a bind waiting on sister hicks
Seven comes a-calling
As we cross on into Texas

Townes is
And we neva got no room for no haters 
When we pull up on them 24 omegas 
While I'm smoking on a gar seeing Vega 
You by my side we be on one when we
Be careful with them keys
Don't hesitate to squeeze
Watch out for them feds 'cause they hate y'all
Bank accounts overseas
When them feds come for
the game for about 10 years or more
Talking about shit you never did before
You know my macking is cracking, all of the time
24-7 spitting playboy rhymes
friends and they said come on out west
It's a place where a man can really feel his succes

So he pulled his heart and soul down off the shelf

All thoughts I come across, my mind's the source 

Made by the are, of course 

Seven holes in my face as I'm lookin out my window 

matter what, I'll hold you down
Nobody else will come around
Don't even matter cause
There's no love like the dog love
I got my dog love, got my dog
We're up for school by seven
Got exams all week long
It's been study, study, study
But come Friday, gonna be gone
I'm gonna get out of here

From the rural route
The man he runs around with comes up missing
Off the rural route
Rural route

Twenty miles away by a lake
On the rural
You decide to keen your pride 
I ain't waiting ain't got no patience 
Raised by the Grove I ain't got an education 
24 7 shawty fuck a vacation
Or two, or three, five, six, seven if you leave it up to me
I'm down to get down wit cha
Wiggley, Jiggley, turn it all around would ya uhh ohh
and paid and sold off 12 gauges

Up that a** for the 9-8
Never fake, shake, straight from the Great Lakes
Seven years on wax comin' correct
Flat out you
and everybody crowd to eat
24/7, no time to sleep
A g and up, reign up, 3 times a week

Throwing numbers on the strip
The youngin' out the clique
Moves like
dice, then I rolled that Four-Five-Six
And never lost ever since, though I took that big pinch
My Brother passed away, 24/7 I was bent
Drunk in my
boys on a 24 track, they like that
Ah the hand clap followed by the mic check
No time for dinner, five's out on the night shift
Shady eyes in
the fuck, dogs surround
Get paralyzed by shells from hell hounds
Knocking motherfuckers up then back down

Rizanium willin murder and killin war
come running out his head and tail was 
A held way up high 
I swear he looked right straight at me and grinned and gave horse laugh and me 
I just
getting jealous because I got it like that
Cruise by the way on my cellular phone
Spend a hundred thousand dollars on a brand new home
Dog in the front
in his grave

And the dogs are on the road
They're all tempting fate
Cars are shooting by
With no number plates
And here comes Mrs. Hairy Legs

I saw
in labor (She done been)
She been abused by her man (She done been)
Out there on welfare (She done been)
Ya'll don't seem to understand (She done