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on a bottle top
And as the years passed by
One night I held her close to me
That was the first time I
Said I love you to Natalie
Carousel was crowded so we
of Natalie Portman like?

Do you really want to know?

Yes, tell us

I don't sleep motherfucker
Off that yak and Durban
 Oh but what can I do
 I'm still in love with you

 I, I guess I'll never see the light

 Never gonna see the light

of Natalie Portman like?

Portman: Do you really want to know?

Parnell: Yes, tell us?

Portman: I don?t sleep motherfucker
Off that yak and durban
Doin? 120
For this is the kind of love that maims us
And I won't be happy 'til
Somebody looses an eye

Tell me, do you see me as a shadow
In the yawn
[Hook : Natalie Lauren ]

I see you watching
Do you like what you see?
Am I seeing love?
Well, sort of, kind of may be what did you have in
My love is like a star, my darling
Shining bright and clear
Just because you're here

please do not forget
That our lips have meant
And I've held
And so we're chastened
We feel so insecure
We're frightened
Now not sleeping around's

What did we do wrong?
While love bereaves
It's understood 'cause you can't leave
Her love out's unstoppable

Do you feel like everyone else?
You'll find love wherever she goes
feeling sound

« My friend, why do you wear
2 hats upon your feet? » I said
He turned the other way about
And hopped on his head.

Written by natalie cole

Have you been to the very top of the highest hill

Where the air is fresh and sweet and the sky is so clear

Looking out
sniffing on that white girl the Valerie's the Natalie's the Mallory's
Got you sweating like you losing calories
Battle me? You confuse illusion with
your boy Steve McNair

Don't make the good girls go bad
Don't make the good girls go bad
You don't really love her
Please don't do it

about thinkin' tryin' to free my mind

You know I love Uncle Kracker he's a cool DJ
I like Prince Purple Rain, Henry's Purple Haze
I like Hank
scene twice
So you drug her down every drag of this forbidden fit of love
And you told her to stand tall whet you kissed her
But that's not where you
Written by pam reswick/steve werfel

Background vocals: natalie cole

Let me look at you, just look at you

You're a sight for sore eyes, yes you are
100th short. So come with us, won't you?

Let's Celebrate!
To us, to us
Truly a major milestone

A celebration! (Yes!)
Of us,
do I
Girl, you got to know there are worse things
There's worse things than love
Lonely hearts can multiply
A world away from paradise
Girl, you
Ashley: "Yeah, yeah, Bob, that should do it."
Mary-Kate: "Who was on the phone so early in the morning?"
Ashley: "Our friend, Bob.  He wanted
All night long

Come on and say it
I love to hear you whisper
Just say you love me
I got to hear it told

Don't I do right by you
Baby, don't I
what's new
We just do our favorite time to waste
Always playing cool

And at the end of the night
When our love's going out we turn down
Oh no we
You should have seen just what I seen
Who do you love?
Who do you love?
Who do you love?
Who do you love?
My baby took me by the hand
And said
and shit
So if it's you, you know the time bitch!
I spent the night with Monique in between the sheets
It was her, her girlfriend April and me
I do it
love a man so much 
I've gotta let you know I think that we are destiny 
For you I'd cross the world for you 
I'd do anything 

That's right baby 
recognize when I come in the door
I ain't trickin bitch, so what you want me for?
Like Natalie, swearin' up and down I had to be the one
Bitch lets have