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If I ask myself, every day, 'is today the day?'
Then one day, it will be ... my final draft
Lost in today ...

Confused by choices ... or blind
how can I say
I've just been thinking that it's harder every year
To find excuses that'll keep me in the clear
The arbitrary lines I impress in
I had to do it for you
You know I had to do it for ya
Yeah, suits and ties yelling out "pay the guys"
Man I had to do it for ya
You know I had to do
The final conflict, it´s near,
Ride me baby.
I love you,
I do,
I just get confused by the things that I do.
Baby, I am so complexed,
Oh, Oh,
The final conflict, it´s near,
Ride me baby.
I love you,
I do,
I just get confused by the things that I do.
Baby, I am so complexed,
Oh, Oh,
Could it be the war is lost 
Do you fear the final hour 
Do you kneel before the cross 

You're blinded by rainbows 
And watching the wind blow
Can't spit out
The pain has dried it's framed and hung on display

How could you break my trust?
I try to wash away the memory

You draft design you
Horn by the Sioux
And the tears and devistation of a once proud warrior nation
This I know ?cause I was riding with them too

I drank mare's blood
admit it, how many times I came back and did it
They have no choice to be killing em when I spit it
Give me a standing ovation when I visit
Final four
a hipocrasy of americas society 

I was just sittin' on my porch it came up out the field then there was a bright light

Alien life forms do exist and there is
Yeah, real niggas only
("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy!")
Let's do it, worldwide, show that shine
Get the cash, and flash like Kodak blind
That you savor by yourself
Your never cure
If I forgot the lines, is it easy enough to fake it?
Or do you need a moment to re-memorize
And model it
Man's final frontier is the soul
guided by someone more powerful than any human being
Someone felt but never seen You will be surprised of what resides
Like a Jersey Jersey shuttin' down the game

Be my head coach
So you can, you can
And never take me out
Till you can taste the way
Do it again, and again

When I get my final slumber, when I pawn my diamond ring,
I will do my final number, by Lake Couchiching.

detect a little Communisim
I can see it in the things ya do
Communisim, socialism call it what you like
There's very little difference in the two
I take a walk right by the shore
I feel the wind, I feel the summer's gone
The leaves are falling down to the ground
I try to listen do they make
(Basketball bouncing throughout song)
I'm cold wit it
I'm just cold wit it
Know what I'm sayin'?
If you don't know by now, I'm cold wit it
Ah, I
of MPs     

      Yell out, freeze!

And I think I gotta part in a movie.


Hey! I'm talkin' to you

Tell me what did I do?

You're a draft
But refuse to do the work when the whistle blew 
So in a world dominated by the digital 
The metrinome I listen to beats inside of my chest 
Suicide doors on the passenger side?
Do the windows roll down? do the doors lift high?
Do the car change colors when that bitch drive by?
You say you're thinking of me
And you'll do it at any cost
You say that you believe in life
And in love you've never lost

Everything keeps
to freak brothers every which way
Dominating like Doc J.
Pass me the rock, I know just what to do with it
It's real vivid, I pivot, through the lane
Come and listen to my tale of woe
My final downfall came not long ago
I have got a disease that breeds tears
It's been plagueing man for years
were a winding road
Son, you just walked a mile
Then a trouble appears and he's got you in his sight
He grabs temptation by the arm, says, ?girl it's