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that'll never do

It used to be hers
But she gave it to me
Why she wanna sell him
I just can't see

She wanna sell my monkey
She wanna sell my monkey
a trance
You know the style is fresh (yes)
Most defiantly
So I'm a give it to you now
K, that's what you need (thanks)
That's what I do
That's who I am
a glass of me favorite gin

I don't know what to say de monkey won't do
(Don't know what to say de monkey won't do)
Well I drink gin monkey drink gin
all a story
About a boy and his monkey
He's got that kind of monkey that the girls wanna know
He likes to take his monkey every place that he goes
I wanna make you happy

His fingers brush her face
She quivers like a fawn
He's lost in her embrace
She turns around he's gone

She knows his
Everybody dong, everybody ding
Monkey boy doing the monkey thing
Like I do, I do, I do, hey

Everybody ding, everybody dong
Everybody wanna sing
The same old
thinking twice
Mmmmm...Mm, delicious


REN: O.K. If you wanna be a monkey you gotta learn to act like a monkey
And I got the know
I'm gonna, wanna get it
I'm gonna, wanna spank it
I'm gonna, wanna spend it
Faster than you can

Smash, fast, smash
Let the monkey do his thing
really wanna know what's going on
You're so shameless
Sweet thing please don't bring us down

And on a trip to Yellow Knife
Professor Panos and his
'm hungry,
Don't wanna die like a little dog.
Gonna take what I can get,
I'm the monkey man,
With the great, great monkey plan.

It's crazy, crazy, little man,
a beautiful place.

Everywhere I wanna be in this life
Is here by your side, baby
All I ever wanna do is get lost in lovin' you
Long as you're with me I
Don't know what to say the monkeys won't do!
DrSns : Then by this time I was feeling dread
        They was using a shoe brush to shine me head.
the stand? 
You wanna dance some more?
We wanna dance some more
Everything's alright.
Everything is sure. 
I can play all night!
Do the Monkey Watusi,
like a burger king manager
And the only jokes he knows are the ones that'll put you down
Big business monkey
He'll take over the world
And you can
was rightly murdered by the crew
But now they don't know what to do -
Drifting on the murky Sargasso of the everyday.
Work and slave and skimp
Yours appetite is more than I know
I'm falling in love with you

Wish me love a wishing well to kiss and tell
A wishing
Wish me love a wishing well to kiss and tell.
A wishing well of crocodile tears sing.

Hugging like a monkey see, monkey do right beside a riverboat
in the

Hey Monkey See and Monkey Do
Must I get brainwashed
By what's surrounding you
Didn't you know that
Every little thing's contagious
respect, and power
To make a new world
I wanna raise my babies
In a new world
Give them peace and happiness
You know you're the old world
And I
Man in the moon, I ran past my home to your shore
To melt the arctic beat in my breast next to yours
It was just my fantasy for a real world

What do
Never-Never Land
The bland all lead the bland

And it makes me wanna cry
When we let the music die
But it's all about control
And I know

If it don't
Yeah, I wanna know you that good

Every feel of your fingers-
Every curl in your hair
Don't wanna miss a minute--
Wanna be right in it
Do everything
You know I got a letter from a friend of mine
In Newcastle upon a Tyne the other day
He said to me, "Eric, I heard you've been havin'
Some trouble
You know I got a letter from a friend of mine
In Newcastle upon a Tyne the other day
He said to me, "Eric, I heard you've been havin'
Some trouble
Damn, damn baby girl you know you got it going on,
You can see by the way that she walking
You so fine that your body need a body guard,
Well I can