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a steak, 
Smashed in like my balls went and stepped on a rake.

Lonely island! 
Grammy nominated, yea! 
Hit 'em again!

Yo straight out the box with
The light that fill my lonely cell,
Is blocked out by the key,
That locks the door to this hell,
The place they wanted me.
Time's racing like
slaughter solo emcees, they paper-thin
In they polo, nautica, or dk men

Amen! it's funny how significance make a difference
Notice parables of three in
Brooklyn beef! Who want that?

I grew up in the thoroughest borough - B.K.
Where B.I.G. had everybody rockin' D.K.
Gav was the first dude with the C.L.K.
on the words of a madman
Islands in the abyss
No use for the poet
When the hopeless seek no bliss

X-ray visions, eye in the sky
And the naked being led by
the rocks
Homeboys closest to the foundations when
Lying in a box
Imagining cities butried beneath the sea
And ideallic islands calm and serene
Untouched by
Lonely on an island shore
There's no one around.
The day is grown older now
As I catch the thought of you.

I lay awake at night
With you on my mind;
a mailorder bride in a box by the steps
She went bungee jumping,
One fine day
Off the cliffs of our friendship,
And at the bottom she stayed
When they told
[The Lonely Island]
Imagine in your mind a posh country club
The stuffy old money where the poor get snubbed
The spread is bland sauerkraut
What's so funny? A box full o' honey

What I thought a pretty tune was howling at the moon
To keep me company this evening
It's so lonely in
on my knees
But I'm still drawn on by the the murmur

Are you laughing at me now?
In my circumstance
When still I wear your crown
My life's
that defies human reason:
On an island of gleaming rock,
Jutting up from the blue lagoon,
A ceremonial music box
And from it flowed, a bright new
that defies human reason:
On an island of gleaming rock,
Jutting up from the blue lagoon,
A ceremonial music box
And from it flowed, a bright new
a beat up accordian
That's Erik our drummer his father's a plumber
He drank enough booze to get Rhode Island drunk
Now he's straight but still smelly
Say it takes two to tango
But a crew to bang, yo
Superstar shootout 
Overtime at Durango

Clear out the box out
Practice at the range, yo
Your floating down a tunnel - in a little wooden box.
Your cold & your lonely & enveloped in fog.
You've been prized open & left here to die -
from Montreal
During chores she never had to help
Sandy got a bed all to herself
We slept in the trailer to the right
Sandy told us stories late
smilin' and don't want to be on an island anymore

There's a lady locked in a love affair wouldn't care if she was single again
There's a lonely soul
renew virginity

Awaiting the sunset on this lonely shore
Home, a strange word in my mouth
I call on the winds to lead me through
I like it. 

We climbed for hours and days and years 
And centuries the islands sole lonely mountain 
Until we were high enough to see the otters
just static in my head
Can anybody tell me why 
I'm lonely like a satellite?

'Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut
Sending SOS from this
are - you are -you are [fading]

The eye glass of the nearly blind

You are the foot print in the sand of Easter Island

You are - you are - you are
the yard, it's hard, but you're in
So you do your time and never let the time do ya
He lost his mind that's what the time'll do to ya
A brother in the box
the lonely widow
we could steal her credit cards
and buy a cottage by the ocean.
If we swim to Junk Island we'll burn up like the seagulls
and the whiskey
M. Anneteg/The Heads

Two love stories

She installed a video camera over her bed in the bedroom.
No more lonely nights. In a film she once saw,