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In 1949 George Orwell portrays a chilling world in which computers are used by 
Large bureaucracies to monitor and enslave the population in his
(Music by Bartsch/Matton - February 1997
Poems by Bartsch - December 1996)
Wollust labt sich an tröstlichem Schmerz
Und Schweiß vermischt sich mit
Bust a move with what you can
Dead phone machine piled on the table
Disappointment is a feather in your cap
You want the truth
Not when it's
you be my lord and savior
Pull me up by my hair
Now would you kiss me, on my lips

Burning fever burning on my forehead
The brain that once was
bredOr die trying to just be dead Bring Destruction By the numbers Why spare what you can plunder And bury like a saint Of disappointment Corpses for
by beautiful pictures
Killed by crazed thoughts
In gods eye the crime on humanity
Sheer hate before love
The disappointment of gods countenance
Disappointment you shouldn't have done
You couldn't have done
You shouldn't have done
The things you did then
And we could've been happy
you don't come to
What the hell, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Midnight ride 1997, One two three
Motherfucker you're going down tonight
We're takin'
Entwistle & Luongo Copyright 1997 Bitsa Talent Inc.

Walking down the highway
Nothing going my way
Shift into high by walking faster
He's a rebel
When you have troubles, don't cry
Just remember that God is standing near by
And if disappointment come, it will surely pass by
So don't you worry,
waiting up there
Where there's no disappointments around God's great throne
No hundred dollar funerals unloved and unknown

No pretty marble headstone
One sells diamonds for what they're worth
Down on pain street disappointment lurks
Son, don't be home too late
Try to get back by eight, eight
When you have troubles, don't cry
Just remember that God is standing near by
And if disappointment come, it will surely pass by
So don't you worry,
When opinion is 
Brought on by suggestion 
The anecdote 
Is not evidence enough 
For handouts of daily anesthetic 
To disguise the next
of a disappointment
In an afterbirth of sin
Wasted years of denial
Too much pride and the fear of man.

[Lyrics by Victor and Anne Griffin-Music by V. Griffin - 2001]
was always so quiet

He had a devil in his eye, eye
Like a thorn in the paw
Disregard for the law
Disappointment to the Lord on high

My brother
to your forehead
Evil exorcised
Fucked by the bishop - in front of a laughing crowd
Forced down on your knees - Swallow holy cum
Torn out vagina - sawed off
("Evil" Kevin La Bounty © 1997)
Sitting on the stairwell,
You were eating lunch.
Blocking all the people.
Just your way of fun.
When the class is
a disappointment...

I am the filth in angelform
Pregnant to the incompetent ideal of a citizen.
Ovums ruined by the seeds of the serpent

She combs her hair by the light we share

from that little lamp by the door

I read my antique rhymes for her as she

Sits by me
And prays for shelter from the storm

As people hurry by on their way home

Where they dream

Of a world without sadness and pain

They turn their heads
By Terre and Suzzy Roche

They have a language all their own
It has an I can make it overtone
Conversation never stops
Throw the ball up it never
Recordings 1937-1939
1997 Bluebird RCA #67416-2 (credits from Bluebird insert)

Don't mistreat yo' woman
When you know you're
suggest that I turn my face 
Only to find that everything is crystal clear. 
Everything is hopeless as I have come to see. 
Disappointment blossoms,
Love is calling me home


In the firelight, by the fountain

In the desert, on the mountain

There's a lost one, someone reach him