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__?__ blood red ruby lips
Cha cha heels and ripped fishnets
Smeared lipstick and too much rouge
Lookin like a slut and singing like __?__

dirty ol
the language
When the rain hit the roof

With the sound of a finished kiss
Like when a lip lifts from a lip
I took the Wrong Road round
A room in
Dusty and you are, dirty from chain
Lips of your kisses are sticking like tape
Woke you at sunrise, cold as a grave
I'll cut you some flowers, now
sit-ups is so sad
The system is a slab
Corruption is the swinger sittin’ high ridin’ dirty, drag racin’ into danger
And it’s so clean, pine trees smellin’
On Virgin Lips
The Dirty Angel Of All Utmost Sympathy, Praised

Smouldering In Forgotten

A Cursed Stone Throne At Those Awaiting This Judgement
always being both must be a drag

She's been calling me again
She's been calling me again

Your little hoodrat friend's been calling me again
And I
up in Osseo. 
She said it's funny even true love gets troubled by still water and washed up in the Mississippi river.
Her claddagh ring was pointed
on the lip, kick flip off the hip
Same o' jokes, poppin' same size toke
Still hit the river in the same dope boat
Still no coke and smoke an ounce a day
or daughter's embarrassed human kind
Consuming booze and gut fuel, till they cruised across the line)

I spin gold, your raps are dirty lapsed
Towards the nursery
tongue's a twelve gauge, lips, uzis, spray the page
Y'all some click-n-drag niggas, chatroom with fag niggas
Backpack and bag niggas, play body and tag
hot on wax, we hot on stage
My tongue's a twelve gauge, lips,  uzis, spray the page
why'all some click-n-drag niggas,  chatroom with fag niggas
under the A.C. 
Niggaz be fakin', pullin' they guns out they holsters 
Keep my shit right by my dick like I'm supposed to 
New Starang, I been this way
the filament
Tracer, vivisection is to lab rat primes
They try to grace these sacred lips with his maze or a dirty wine
He knew, he brewed the substance just
up now
Let's get this window pane and shut the fuck down
Down by the river where the litter sits
And lionheart critters smoke dope and act like
stands branded
My choke, you couldn't manage
The yolk do too much damage

Pop goes the diesel
No, never that, don't try and dirty-mac