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the dirty south [2x]

Down south ladies throw brawls right in your way
Man I love to rock ice just to brighten your day

Down south all you
[Bun B]
Now if you come down to this dirty south
Betta' watch your ears cause country boys talk with a dirty mouth
And they on them corners and they
If You Come Down To This Dirty South
Betta Watch Yo Ears Cause Country Boys Talk With A Dirty Mouth
And Dey On Dem Cornas N Dey Hustlin Up Da Dirty
Diggin up a dead be	-boy and watch him as bones break
Like skaters slippin of poles on Real TV
So see me for real CDs and DVDs
	Cassettes, vinyl, tailor
wrist, look like a package of piss 
Looked like they pissed, in a ice cube tray 
Put it in the freezer, so by the next day 
They could put it on my wrist,