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them that he was suicidal.
(chorus) rage, 12 gauge, one mo down
Page, my age, I'm a clown(3 times)
I'm a clown in every word you heard, mitch bade hatas
could fuck wit' da tongue
They give us no competition
If ya [unverified], feel real, reload da clip
Murder mo, murder mo, murder mo, murder them all they
the busters,
Hustlers so nigga never trust us we the motherfuckin' thugstas
Strugglers 12-gauge pumpstas, takin' no shorts or no losses
Nigga the fifth dog,
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

I'm a empty the clip and dip/ for fuckin' with me you get your wig split/
Remember the silence...
pledge allegiance to the 12 gauge Mossberg
I'm that nigga Mr. Sawed-off Leather face got a big gun in your face
Behind that bush and when they roll by

Penny-loafers didn't bring no luck, 
Should I throw him a rope?
Nope, hell no, not me
I'm rollin' on rollin' on by, yee yee

He don't put a good dip in
"yee yee"
All them city boys jealous of what they see
Cause they ain't loving like that, no.

This country boy love is what you need
Like a 12 gauge pump
country boy love is what you need
Like a 12 gauge pump can set you free
Once you taste these biscuits, there so sweet
You ain't ever going back, no

the nerves ignore the pain

Repetition needs a friend
I have a 12 gauge resting in my hands
How 'bout we get this party started right
And use a bullet for each
Eyes fly too, saw you when you came through
By yourself girl, no crew
Can I hold you, can I show you
Everything in life, that I've been through
rifles and Tecs
And breakin' niggas' necks like bad checks
Outrageous with 12 gauges, 'L.A. Times' front pages
Leaving mingled bodies hangin' on stages
coming ta serve ya
Nigga we told ya Bone be stalking, (we walking)
Number one assassin
Pick up the pump and it causing the 12-gauge eruption
Let loose

Yeaaaa  hahahaha 

(Erick Sermon) 

Equip wit the rap microchip 

Program  aptitude  one mo return  oh      

My face in
what's that I just heard a noise
Get the 12 gauge and I call my boys
Motherfuckers is plottin' to get me, I know when I'm dreaming this
So that's
drop when them buckshot blow
The bone in me never no ho,
so no creeping up outta the zip lock
So sin, sip gin, and lil' mo heart run up, nut up
so no creepin up outta the ziplock
So sin, sip gin, and lil' mo heart run up, nut up
And flipped in, than slipped the clip in,
mistakin' the bloody
me I see some niggas they creeping outside my window
I'm ready to bang bang bang aim the 12 gauge pump let my lead go
Give it up for the bloody murda
of poppin' my pistol bangin' the brains 
I'm leavin' the niggas sho' 'cause I don't want to be judged 
by a 12 than carry by 6 

I'm a empty
to get dirty though 
Left him in his driveway soakin wet sold his 6.4 
Couldn't keep it no mo' that motherfucker was filthy 
Mo' bodies done been in
the barrels of me 12-gauge
I empty, me scandalous niggas are pon de loose
But it's no fuckin' wid the family
Now feel it nigga understand me
Much love much
kick us we can never run away nothing gonna stop me know until I've had my say ??? the 12 gauge I'm just getting started I can't begin to express my rage
tried to dip me
Balled out in bingo halls, reported skied out in jury duty
Judge Judy, big groupie bitch blew me, Beigen rush Cuffies
Blast the last
tried to dip me
Balled out in bingo halls, reported skiied out in jury duty
Judge judy, big groupie bitch blew me, beigen rush cuffies
Blast the last uzi,
bottle of booze

My baits a' runnin a little low

Man a box of 12 gauge would be all the rage

I'm all liquored up and I'm feelin' good

Well just down
Leavin the cut in a rage
Loadin up my mac, goin to my crib, to get my 12 gauge
One of my boys just got shot, huh
Fuckin around, in that million