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By K. Michael Cooper

Now I would like to introduce to you
Professor Makashanti
International Professor of Dubology, Dub,

You two chicks sound real far aout and groovy
Ever been to a Holiday Inn?
Magic Fingers in the Bed
the playground

And there a castle's made for two
The sun is high, the sky is blue
It takes much more than love
It takes much more than love
It takes two
for a while
When the youngest was born
Oh but that happens now and again

She might take a drink with the housework
Or when Michael's kept late
A martini or two before dinner
But she always knows when to stop

She says
I swear I love my husband
And I love my kids
And, though I wanted to be like
for a while
When the youngest was born
Oh but that happens now and again

She might take a drink with the housework
Or when Michael's kept late
Friends of mine don't have the time
For food or wine
Just money is on their minds

Life is sweet
On a one-way street
They're indiscreet
And sucked the blood of life from his wrists
From that day I was one with the night
Spawned by darkness and free from the light

Michael, mom said come
By William Clarke, Stephen Coore, K. Michael Cooper
And William Stewart

Ah moving up (we're coming together)
Jah, Jah Children them
fag-bashed with a two-by-four.
Jimmy: One of us has been living with AIDS for ten years.
Michael: And he's TIRED of it!
Times feel so strange
This final moment
Day to day we live our lives
Yearning for the answers

It's getting closer
It's getting near (2)

Dinner with Delores
Must be some kind of sin
Like a Brontosaurus
She was packin' it in
The first night we dined
And by the next time
This girl
Murder for breakfast
Murder for lunch
Murder for dinner
and murder for brunch [x2]

I woke up today hungry for something new
She want's
I'mma tell you, I'mma tell you this right now
If you, if you woke up this mornin', nigga you winnin' for real

I got a big amount, I took
master of ceremonies
I knock 'em down, domino effect, no pepperoni
I swear

This them golf boys, like them hot boys
For the nine, 9 and 2,000, but its
of an eye 
Somehow fifty-seven hears flew by 

Fifty-eight, fifty-nine
Sixty he missed Caroline
At sixty-one Michael knew 
There wouldn't be a sixty-two
Connie came back from her second cousin's wedding 
First time she'd been home in 'bout a year or two 
Just in time for the rehearsal dinner 
She's got dinner on the table at seven
The kids are tucked in bed by nine-fifteen
And she's headed for a hotel at eleven
To meet a man her family's
By four o' clock was just too much
The days and years we had between us
Were down to just two coffee cups

You can't relive life in an hour
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig.

Chorus 2:

You've gotta dig, dig, dig, dig for your dinner,
Nothin's what you get for free.
You've gotta dig, dig,
like Michael
Always paranoid 'cause I be blowin' out that nitro
All day, every day, murda spray, got you in Glad Bags
Headed for the pad, and you can ask
it, slow

One for the honeys who roll blunts up but don't smoke
Two for the few who see potential in you when you broke
Three for the G they got, they
[Frank Tavares]
Support for Capital Cities comes from... 
Lazy Hooks

(I like it when you play with my hair) [x2]

National Public Radio
roll by I got nothing on me
'Cause the smoke's already in the air
I am looked up with two braids in my hair
All start with the kaki suit
I'm gonna
Red dot beamin'
Dressed up suspicious
Play with Lil Weezy you'll be dinner for the fishes

[Chorus: x2]

Enemy Turf
Time to strap up