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When I walk around Soho
I remember Gamboa
There's a feeling
There's a beat
That hugs me like a boa

Walking by the docks
Whistling a samba
back to the same dilemma 
You can't stop thinking about me 

When you wake in the morning for a second you'll wonder if I'm there 
Issue your final
or a spark
Something's happening in my heart
I've been arrested by you
Take me in, oh, oh, oh
Finally captured by you, by you and by you
Take me in
flattened me to rubble and now I can see that I'm
Just faded negative of the image I used to be

And that's our dilemma
by the time it gets to me

it's a dilemma
of girls and boys for centuries
should I be with you?
should I forget about me?

first it feels right
your mind to pieces
You'll recommend me to your motha,
Your sista, your aunts, and your nieces

Listed in the yellow pages
All around the world
Imagination's funeral
Killed by the teenage me
You don't have to throw it away
Throw being a kid away
Just because you're growing up
Faster everyday
You don't
Or am I stupid just by design
Does it matter if you really ever know
This black dog is out of control

My mouth is so dry
My eyes are shut tight
day long gone
The silk dilemma is the key, it's still for me

One by one the lights fade out
The fright-night covers all with her cloak
You cannot name
like bossa nova by Jobim 

[Verse 3]
The solution to my dilemma 
You┬┤re my girl from Ipanema 
Inspiration for my samba 
In slow motion 
featuring Keith Murray  Redman 

Whoop Whoop(8x) 


Funky dilemmas  destroy mc's by process of elimanation 

Ghetto linger
and your son, sipping a forty
Nobody can hold me, I does it all by my lonely
I stomp your head when you awake, you be looking like Gumby
Disrespect and you will not be living
Word to momma, Emma, drama, dilemma

Suicide, it's a suicide

Now tell me, what's my motherfucking name
Now you dead then a motherfucker creeping and sleeping 
6 feet deep in, fucking with the Pound is 

[RBX: x4] 
Suicide, it's a suicide

Disrespect and you will not be living
Word to momma, Emma, drama, dilemma

Suicide, it's a suicide

Now tell me, what's my motherfucking name
happened to me
The condition of a bitch


You take your virtues in a tow
And commit a sin
By defects in your character
6 feet deep in, fuckin with the Pound is
Suicide, it's a suicide
The cloud becomes black, and the sky becomes blue
Now you in the midst
Six Play, Six play

I tried to write it in calligraphy
But the words wouldn't come to me
Couldn't send it in a telegram
Or sculpt it like Rodan
to me 
It's all man-made material 
Scribbled down by the architect 
Just parallel lines on the paper 

Surrounded by walls that vary in size 
will you see

Six white horses coming after me
Six white horses coming after me
Pretty as a picture, certain as a scripture
Six white horses coming

Lost my mind
Digging a hole
Bury a heart
Bury my soul

Six feet under
In love
In love

Inch by inch
Limb from limb
You tore
The veteran-er-the games you claim to be in
Let me begin, express it, explain the dilemma

[Chorus: Ice-T]
It's either them or us, niggas that
2,4,6,8, who do you appriciate,
Please say that boy is me
2,4,6,8, who do you appriciate,
I'm the one who wants to be your baby

Get up early
peace, babe
And I just want you, babe
Tickets to the wild wild
Just to be by my side, oh yeah
That's right, a show there

It's so lonely in the six
job It's not too hard
3- |6-
But when I go home
|2-7 |2-7b5/b6 |
And I'm all alone (and I'm by myself babe you heard me)
1 |5/7 |
You know you're my