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dernière, c'était l'émission numéro 26, et souvenez-vous,
on avait retrouvé Suprême NTM et puis IAM leur concurrent.
Cette semaine, c'est un peu différent
pas la même taille
Non, Kate Moss, José Bové c'est pas la même paille
C'est le professeur Punchline, caravane drive-by
Je vous laisse, fuck les
it's getting glorious!
so different perspectives, so different sight
such unreal illusions, so different eyes
so different preachings, so
expect to see
Then maybe you'd be taken in by
Everything close to me

See me with a different face
That I've had in my past
Criticize the other jerks
you know that I love you
And day by day my love grows
Here's' where I stand, I gotta be your man
I don't care if we're from two different worlds
a different kind of world?
I was swimming in Bali when I got swallowed
By something hollow
We were going down to a different kind of world

Where they talk like
the stripes 
There will be order  so give it a good mind 
The whole world will be different soon 
The whole world will be relieving  

And by name
and the world is big
All around me is fast moving
Surrounded by so many things
Suddenly suddenly

How does it feel to be
Different from me
Are we the same
Same town, same street
Different worlds
Same bed, same sheets
Different worlds

Same cloudy sky
Over you and I
Same tear
Different eye

Music and lyrics by Kara Johnstad
CD Paths X 

On different planes of different times
I walk this earth, my head in the sky
Two rivers rolling by
Two waters side by side
Never touching they remain
Two rivers different names

When they meet the waters change
At different times
Just a voice on a cold pay phone
At different times

Now I'm taken by these thoughts of how
We found you and I
In the midst of it all,
See the sun turn green
From my penthouse window
It's different now
Because you got no shelter
By experimentation
Enjoy yourself
This is
We march to the sound of different drums
For we both want different things from life
You don't care to discuss anything serious
While I want
Our love is different dear
It's like a mighty symphony
I can feel its silver harmony
Oh so tenderly, day by day

Our love is different dear
will be order, so give it a good mind

The whole world will be different soon
The whole world will be relieving

And by name
The name they gave me
We talk as neighbors by the fence
The seasons come and go
We've grown a little closer
Now that we both live alone
But we only find the time to chat
to change my life
(Looking back together yeah)
You fired up my heart and made me smile

And you and I know that
I'm a different person
Turn my
I'm a different person
Turn my world around
I'm a different person
Turn my world around (World around)

Fears I had
All fading away by
And everybody knows you by a different name

I didn't catch your first name
I didn't get your last
I didn't hear too much what was said
I am a far cry, you are a whisper
I am sinking sand, you are a pillar
We’re nothin’ alike but I can clearly see
You are the same kind of different
with a different lingo
But they all loved Oh By Jingo
And every night, they sang in the pale moonlight
Oh by gee by gosh by gum by jove

Oh By Jingo
might have seen you dancing in a different light

And offered up my help in different way

But those were different days

Those were different days
Why do they hate me
What did I do to them
They always tried to break me
One time I called them friends
And now the years go by
And everyone leads
on the sea

So come stand by my side where I am going
Take my hand if I stumble to fall
It's the strength that you share when your growing
That gives me