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[Chorus: Keyshia Cole]
Momma, where did you go wrong
Because I need to know
You got me living the life you were living
When you were young...

[Keyshia Cole]
See, Mary J. I want you to understand you paved the way (for me)
I'm givin' homage (to you)
I just wanted to have a bite with her, or something
Didn't go get up on that show to fight with her, or nothing
It was Keyshia Cole, Eric Benã,
Or playa cards by keyshia cole
And all I know is it better not be I should've cheated by keyshia cole
Could it be I need you back
Cause girl I hope
a model spillin' drinks on me
Gimme 20 in the tank on 3
I'm in the Range bumpin' Keyshia Cole
Singin' off-key like [Andreena harmonizes]
niggas tried to jam me
I'm strapped now movin around wit the swammie
Got a baby by ya baby mama nigga we family
Niggas mad at the kid 'cause I'm caked up
Keyshia Cole
The rap figures throwing money in the air like it's pizza dough
People in the hood ain't eating though (Though)
I tried to help the labels
I'm on, I can pick and choose
Only fuck with hoes who got shit to lose
Yeah, I heard stories about different dudes
Her man on campus but it's fine by me
fine by me
She say she only fucked like 4-5 niggas, so you know you gotta multiply by 3

Nobody's perfect, uh, nobody's perfect, ay, ay, uh
fry, too high to actually fly
One day yall have to decide, who you gon be
A scary nigga or a nigga thats gon' rule like me
Keep it true like me, Cole you
[Verse One]
Highside to the fullest, creepin up out tha house wit my mug on me
Lexus kinda clean crease in my jeans
Ready ta hit dis, want everybody
I was sayin
Yo blast what you was kickin to me, on the way to that piece
You know?

I'm about to see a mill, you damn right it's real
Same places, different faces, on the train mane
New York, New York

How I go from selling reefa and plates
Till eating steaks with Cole and playing FIFA
Why'all niggas need to be around when my dick itch
Yo TNT these niggas acting wild like they homo
But they trying to see me fuck it I'm a pull up
boy bo-bimbin'
Me sittin' on the sidewalk, now that don't sound right
But as long as I look fly by prom night, go

[Hook: Childish Gambino]
Probably different than you think, though
The quills that I dip into the ink go to document
And you'll remember me when I'm extinct

Yo, sing the carol
your gonna ask him to have the baby? What are you? Crazy?
You were done by four kids, by four different fathers. Haven't you ever heard of a thing called
live General Emanuel 
Cell block cold crop 
Go bagged up yeah by cream cop
(FUCK THE WORLD) The way the world cold dissed me
? poppie locked for
[Busta Rhymes]
Why'know, my homey Treach from Naughty by Nature once said, 
"If you ain't from the ghetto, don't come to the fuckin' ghetto." 
[Intro - talking]
Like it was before, as usual
Somethin different, the boy never sounds the same

[Verse 1]
Body by Nautilus and you ain't even with

I am the creator of this universe
The wind of time is blowing through me
And it's all moving relative to me
It's all
Something different,
About the way you interact with me.
Something peculiar,
I'm telling ya, it shouldn't be,
Something singular, 
When really it's about
is given
Our intimacy is significantly different

[Chorus - Eminem (Obie Trice)]
You gon ride for me (you gon ride?)
Then I'm gon ride for you
is given
Our intimacy is significantly different

[Chorus - Eminem (Obie Trice)]
You gon ride for me (you gon ride?)
Then I'm gon ride for you
an abortion
You niggas want beef, I feed it to you raw in tiny, small portions
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