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Thoughts replaced by placid romance
Without movement, I can't escape
Searching through the static
Twisted and torn inside of
Such blinding
Thoughts replaced by placid romance
Without movement, I can't escape
Searching through the static
Twisted and torn inside of
Such blinding
She don't really drink much so she say
But by the way she was putting in the Malibu Reds away
She was either 'bout that life
Tryna front but tryna
yet beautiful
Showed the Bee where to fly
And then let it die

The world's without virginity
The souls have no integrity
The Word of grave old
We were the brotherhood
We blindly understood
Were all we needed, it was good
Has been as close, just as we could
But as the years went by
What is to stop us now?
Righteousness will win anyhow!

So hard to find!
Be conformed in one Christ mind
Persecute me with all temptation,
Keep me tied down in isolation,
Minds overcome by fascination,
Pushing ahead for separation
Separate lives,
of a window. 
A flash flood at a euology; it was the way you said my name. 
The world is perfect when I'm half asleep and it kind of makes me find it hard
I thought there was enough writing on the wall 
It’s not so hard to see the truth of it all 
The last bits of our integrity are getting squeezed
without dishonor
I won't have to die ashamed

Old lady told me plenty
Told me what to do
How to act in society
How to make it through
She said always
our friends who die to get us by 
Courage facing fear 
Hate increase decline 


Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in
Living a lie
Make you pay at all cost for this
Love sick
Bring it

Decisions making themselves
I don't need you
Thorns in my side
So I die

No one

No one
No one could ever understand
My life's exhausted
No one
No one could ever understand
This life I-M-N

To bring you all
True till the end? You can never bring us down even as hard as you try. Talk your shit, spread your lies. In my friends I rely. Truth and honor,
Such and eternal night
We're the die-hards with a
Nasty mind deep in integrity
Joining our destructions
With our domination
You can't resist
the hours
Till I could be with you

Things we used to share I now keep alone
I waste my nights here by the telephone
Old habits die hard, now that you're gone
the press
That want to start shit by printin' lies instead of the things we said
That means you andy secher at hit parader, circus magazine
Mick wall
Time goes by
Days and years
Only you and I

Wasted days
Wasted nights
Hurt you by and by

Fall in love
Kill a man
No one left to cry
Out here in nothin' engulfed by the sea
And there's no one here 'cept these fishes and me
I think I could die here
Then I'm hit, leveled hard by
dit die o 
Dit dit die o 
Dit dit die o 
Dit dit die o 

She lives in an ivory tower 
A tower built by fame 
Um Hummmm 

She's got the wealth and power
Honor, integrity, uncompromising determination rarely exist in today's society
Its been a me-first generation for far longer than any of our eyes
everyone who cares
The day will then be endless
The night will soon pass by
If life is so hard to live
Why not die? 

When the world has woken
For all
Beat-up little seagull
On a marble stair
Tryin' to find the ocean
Lookin' everywhere

Hard times in the city
In a hard town by the sea
here til the end

Die hards
Die hards

Hardcore punx for life
Unwanted by the media
Posers come and go
But we're still here
You know who we are
And before this night is through
I will corrupt you

I've had enough of your integrity
Your devotion sickens me
If there's a fracture in your moral ground