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Donnie's got a secret and you know it
He was yours, in the summertime, yeah
About ten years ago
He promised you to stay forever
Live with you
went down to the Bedford Bar
And bought a six dollar PBR

Hipster girl
Cool by the numbers and she rocks my world
Knows all the indie bands you've never
That make them haters mad
I keep the, sticky burning club is bad
You all know what color's that
All you know it's Donnie G Shorty with the maxed that
There ain't nobody but you in my heart 

Long as we've been together 
You should know by now the love I feel, 
I feel forever 

What have I
picked up she would utter
"Who is this?" I said "Donnie", but she thought I was another
Didn't even know me, and she's not an oldie
It's the lupus
was loaded
Didn't really know this
What kind of asshole drives a Lotus?
I didn't want to bore you
Didn't wanna pick up your shit for ya
I've been ready
to hold you
I didn't know they came like that

It doesn't even matter if I live or die
The only thing that matters is you're by my side
There's no
Ridin Paseo, not in the day though, 
Cherish the day, but then roll out when the day go,
Ridin away yo pain and sorrow, 
Live for today cause you might
You will live in pavilions of splendor
Be surrounded by beautiful things
So hold on to these promises
And keep them in your hand

Didn't anyone ever
our lives to keep
And no river ran as deep

Was I chasin' rainbows
Blinded by the sun
And did I take for granted
I'd be the only one?

I didn't know you
Here I go
Can you sing along?

Stopped to say hello
Something overcame me
Didn't want to go and pass you by
Looked at me so fair
Saw the sun upon
to our lives

A year goes by 
Fleeing and so will I
I didn't hear you falling once again 
I didn't hear you calling a friend

I know this is right
On the road to success you know that I'm driven
But they didn't wanna publish it, but right now I'm on some other shit
I'm in a different world, I'm with
I didn't think you were but now I know you are
A sunshine of my world my bright and morning star
You changed me in the twinkling of an eye to what
In this big cruel world by myself
Loving you so much, longing for your touch

I know I'm just a fool who didn't play her part
To cause us, darling,
You said you didn't know
That the cats with the bugs were there
And you never go along with that kind of stuff nowhere
But that just isn't
You said you didn't know
That the cats with the bugs were there
And you never go along with that kind of stuff nowhere
But that just isn't
With his big brown eyes he came my way
I didn't know then what he had to say
I could tell that he felt bad
By the way he looked that he felt sad,
the screen
We could live it scene by scene
If I didn't have a mind
I know I wouldn't miss a cue

I know you wish we could do
The things that lovers do
On the outside looking in
It was wasted life on the dream
On the outside looking in
He was wasted
Turn you back to the world

It's what he didn't know
could live forever more
In paradise with him
They didn't know one day they'd sing his praise
With fear and trembling
They didn't recognize the king that
But I got that green on my eyes
And that ain’t no Donnie Simpson
I retire you niggas, fuck you and your position!
They play surface so slippery
us across the water
Through the misty dusk ?br /> It'll always be perfect, but we didn't get to live it

These lonely places were touched by love ?
all asleep
Wonder if they're dreaming about the date I didn't keep
It was such a busy day I just couldn't get away
Cause you gotta make it while you can
across the track

Where is the mayor
Who'll make all things fair
He lives outside
Our polluted air

And I didn't have to be here
You didn't have