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folks hear me creepin up the street
'Cause they know I got them, I got them
Woofers in my jeep, nigga

On 20's (on 20's)
Wheel's spinnin' (wheels
Hatin cause my 20's be, choppin! choppin
Hatin cause these hoes be, jockin! jockin
Try me and my glock'll be, cockin! poppin
I had 22 dreams last night
And you were in 21
The last one I saved for myself
Just to save my soul

I got this scene by a fireplace
I lose control
much longer
I've change in mind change for you
You have changed to mine
22,000 days, 22,000 days it's not a lot,
It's all you got 22,000 days
ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
Them West side guys will get ya
Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya

Them South side boys
counting money in room 124
They're wrapping 10's and 20's throwing the 1's down on the floor
They're strung out and they're nervous, they jump at every
They don't count by spokes no more, they counting by inches
Them ain't 20's on my ride, them 22's you jive bitches
Switching lane to lane,
a couple of models
You a balla you outside or in
I pulled up there's more outside then in
Niggaz in the parkin lot sparkin blunts
Like if you ain't on 20's
a fucking drive-by 

Riggety rolled on them slow in the Cadillac 

Silkk behind the wheel, me and King in the pack 

Master P in the passenger seat getting
$14, 000 dollars worth in 20s
Brown paper bag money
Yeah, I call that a good weekend
Re-up gang forever
Long live the king coming soon
Malice my
I got 20's on my tires, I got tensions in my wires
'Cause Haddy's got that fire
And when I retire, I'm a still be smoking hay
Like or mail man
[Chorus: x2]
Hatin' cause my 20's be..choppin! choppin!
Hatin' cause these hoes be..jockin! jockin!
Try me and my glock'll be..cockin!
a big boy
Why'all ride a similac and oh my Cadillac
Has 50's in the back

Playin' Rick James and Tina, so relaxing
Passed on by the neighbor Red Lane
to get it back
And when the night was over I took his girl home
I dimmed the lights and showed her that I was bad..

[ VERSE 3 ]
Now I'm in my 20s with
wear 2 pair of drawers, wit' 2 Rolex watches
Wit' 22 bitches on my log nigga
I guess that's the thug in me
I lie to these bitches 7 days a week
I put
the police be hollering bout my crew 
Is that about this little life of mine you see, 
Have me sitting on 20's 'fore I turn 16. 
Wouldn't trade it in for
chrome 20's on the buggy-I Benz
Who contends, Wu like the Superfriends
Who's your rhymin' hero?  Wu-Tang rules again

Someone in the back went, clack
You got me spending all these bands on you
Damn girl, I'm hypnotized by how the way you dance girl
We in this club but I'm wishin' I was yo man
(Believe that daddy)
Bet a hundred, shoot a hundred (Believe that daddy)
It's my block, I run it (Believe that daddy)
Got them 20's on ya ride (Believe
a sling, push me on stage
Style still linger in the air like Glade
Girls my early 20's I used to run trains
Chill I got next, go behind Dirt
Sometimes I
they don't want to holla

If you ain't got 20's if you ain't got dollars
Bitch fuck that shit we still gon pimp
We go ride through the streets we go hit
leaned out you know
Our car screened out and if we ain't ridin 20s
We chrome 19ed out 84s got me shinin in the lane
We been ridin blades stop stealin our
leaned out you know
Our car screened out and if we ain't ridin 20s
We chrome 19ed out 84s got me shinin in the lane
We been ridin blades stop stealin our
New Yorkers
'Specially when you're sittin on 20's they get nauseous
Standin in the Azure with white air forces

You can catch me in
he's tryin' to make me his son in law

When she,
Walks by, walks by, walks by, she walks on by

Egos fly when she walks by, 
She caught