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you're semi-fine
Me and Gordy, Prozak love orgies and we in our prime and we

[Chorus: x2] 
Can't hide the (Horns!) And I won't hide the (Horns!)
There's a woman causing shame
Two sacred thoughts she holds
The chalice with every man's sin

Her alabaster skin is covered
With purple and gold
I am the earth
Chained to horns
Its ground is my flesh
Pierced by Holy thorns
I am the earth
Burning deep within
It's water is my blood
Blackened by
With hearts of midnight, brightened by his infernal light
We stand as a monolith of wrath, united under the goath of a thousand young
Two horns
and they tell me there's a war without no end. The old devils are at it again. they die by the millions children women and men. The old devils are at it
of this go away
I got many different names, but 2u it’s all the same
I be the crawlin in your skin, I be the reason 4 your sin
I be the cunning in your
The devil comes and I try to stall and
Soon my subconscious and conscious might start to brawl
And I put up my walls
And they begin to fall
the sins of my brother
Down to the pond

I'm gonna wash them [2x]
I'm gonna wash the sins of my Father
I'm gonna wash the sins of my Mother
I'm gonna wash
I'mma send to
God the evil shit I've been through
Lettin' me really know what sin do
Listen cuz the hurt cut me deep like a ginsu

[Chorus: x2]
versions by Peggy Lee (# 2), Bing Crosby 
(#14), and Burl Ives (# 21) were all charted as just "Riders In the Sky"
Later, The Ramrods took it to # 30 in
come on

Debauchery for breakfast, sex by noon
Love's on the backburner, boiling over soon
City of angels, ride with devils
Tempted by temptresses on so
Death to your king in his glorified horror.
Killing time.
Bathing in his own beautiful sin.
Kill your maker and the shadows will unleash
So Snady Bob punched a hole in his rope and he swang her straight and true
And he lapped it onto the devils' horns and he taken his dallies too
desperados take the world by storm
Operation come and attack Devil City
Seek and destroy illumination
The worship of light, skull and bones was the devil's
Horns and halos.
Wicked white wings and 
And pointed tails.
Devil's eyes and nine inch nails
Nocturnal renegades.
The eternal drug raid.
I go
quite, dark-skinned
Lily white, black as sin, devil's den, whiteness

Consider yourself outcast, criminal, unseen, invisible
Point blank, ready cocked
Deep in the mountain of Harlan County
Employed by the Cumberland coal company
The pay is short, the days are long
But our labor union laws are coming
and impure remains of a god who failed
Guarded by the giant pillars to be moved by the Devil alone
For they are the stones of the throne of christ which He
Superman's daughter.
Living alone, chewing on a bone, 
Pretty as homemade sin.
She had to be high by the look in her eye, 
Her hands were wet and her mouth
versions by Peggy Lee (# 2), Bing Crosby 
(#14), and Burl Ives (# 21) were all charted as just "Riders In the Sky"
Later, The Ramrods took it to # 30 in
I dropped off in the shadows they lead over tragedy
I open my eyes - blind by the spotlight
And what do I see?
Pushed by ambition been granted
joyful and towering in their glory

There I see two pious and innocent youths snatched suddenly
From amidst their host by flying Devils and carried to Hell
versions by Peggy Lee (# 2), Bing Crosby 
(#14), and Burl Ives (# 21) were all charted as just "Riders In the Sky"
Later, The Ramrods took it to # 30 in
Come on!!!
Grab the bull by the horns the old addage goes.
Nobody tells you where to go from there.
I see whats grateful in you.
Decisions have
The devil went down to Georgia in a Cadillac
Kicking on back with good friends
Get washed in the water, little skinny dipping sin
Some moonshine sipping,