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the betrayal

As we fall from the sky
Our lives pass by
Emerging from this vision
Life is stranger than death

Abusive statements form the ranks
and sweat

Cannot all born fi live a prison
To live by the gun is only suicide
So when wise men speak you better listen
Never too late to take some sound
[Originally Performed by Sodom]

Nuclear warheads are ready to fight
Total destruction the only might
We are all suicide, without brain
libertine. Live. Embrace every horizon.
Time honored tradition crumbles in the hands of a timeless romantic.

These statues. This concrete edifice
I run trough the mist of the void
I am hunted by fear, my soul is repressed
And my heart is a statue of stone
Eos is dead and gone, there's shadow
And they ruled the woman's death a suicide
Bound by their behavior
They could have been her savior
Now guilt becomes the endless debt they owe
finally burns

We all stand in silence for the wasted and gone
One warrior standing, through a thousand years strong
Our past lives still shining,
We all stand in silence for the wasted and gone
One warrior standing, through a thousand years strong
Our past lives still shining, the starlight
a statue
That's what happens when disaster comes natural

Time travelin' swords rattle we cry battle
Jackets is full metal we be throwin' em at you
Endless war, endless screams
In the boundaries of hell we live
Total death, total hate
On the devastated plains we fight
Evil minds, insane minds
greeted by silence as the judges turned away to
cast their votes. Then the quiet was broken. A
handsome woman with golden hair, now flecked with
weave together these pieces of our lives
Your torn by the midwestern storms
Come to me I'll be your shelter
The borders are gettin' bigger, there's
Unexpected destination, a miserable slave

Die with a hope of live in despair
Death you're dying, Life you're losing
Spiritual suicide, Life I denied
But it's all for myself
Then it read, "KB, this time it's real, homie I can't live"
It was in all caps
But I knew he had no caps on his gun or his pills
Feels like I'm surrounded by silence,directionless against the wind.seems like there's no one in my life.feels like the trap I'm in.sometimes your
our lot, we ourselves must be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we will live forever, or die by suicide.

(Abraham Lincoln, address
a new circle of destruction.
Soon of all you will be drown in hell, by our frantic slaughters.

As alastor is waiting to reap your weak carcass all
of hell we arise
And we came to destroy christianity
By our side unholy armees will ride
And satans kingdom is build soon

In the desert where all deamons
by nails
My lips are glazed with words of rebirth in praise of death
I grasp for air in the submergence of my own sin
Clinical silence for the seed
Let's begin 
What  where  why  or when 
Will all be explained 
Why destruction is a game 
See I'm not insane 
In fact  I'm kind of rational
bitch niggaz think twice before yawnin
on da M.I.A.M.I., niggaz must want to die in my area code 305
Shit be to live, to hot outside, fuck the shades
of science, keep the truth concealed
We are the ten thousand year reich - with us let it end
To the sands of time that lent destruction a hand
Let harmful ways
and destruction
What do I hear from you? Nothin'. Silence
You ain't ready for this shit. You don't want this shit
It's a prizefight. It's a prizefight
And one
really gon run game
Wait two weeks to give it up and feel no pain
Babygirl, you picked the wrong balla
He was raised by mack's and pimps, model let him
crosses on the chapels
And hearses driven by your slaves
My home is blown to pieces
You've killed everyone I know
With nothing left for me to live for