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well but Ricky ain't got a thing
Joe's got a name
And jezzy loves fame
She wants a man to show
So it's all about Joe

They call her jezebel
On her
Ahaha ahaha ....
Pockets of hate, rockets of love
It's never too late, the change in the color of
The color of her, the color of him
It really
not try
You lost your Mona Lisa
Got burned by Jezebel
You can always draw water from my well
 'Cause nobody loves you like I do
 Nobody loves you
Talkin' 'bout love
Like it's apple pie and libery
To really be a saint
You gotta really be a virgin
Dry as a page of the
King James Version
No ohh la
Earth a woman desires
You make a good wife to most men
I know I got you open; but, you just my close friend
Get it baby?

[Aaliyah (Timbaland) {Nas}]
You make a good wife to most men
I know I got you open; but -- you just my close friend
Get it baby?

[Chorus Three: Aaliyah + (Timbaland) +
country, they can really get to it
Country colors are shades of Sawyer Brown
Red Foley, Lee Greenwood,I love all those sounds
I get hungry for some
love her
Or would you dismiss her
What is pure?  Who is pure?
Is it European state of being, I'm not sure
If the whole world was to come
My oh my walkin' by
Who's the apple of my eye
Why it's my very own

Oh if I should stroll the 'hood
Who knew I could look so good
I got to have you baby, I want you by my side 
Just climb a boat and take me for a ride 
I need to have your body, your love I really need 
twin is beating him
So why did all the muscle genes determine to get busy in one egg 
It's unfair

Shula met a TV entertainer and she sends him
you can be my love fantasy
You lift me up higher; you're who I desire
I just love what you do to me
Don't leave me waiting too long
Come by
I don't desire any other way

I derive and I know you're gonna come back someday soon

You can get only what it is you want
It's always
quite like this before
And if I let it slip
I might not hear it anymore
I look into your eyes oh
And I get a chill
I hear your name
My world comes
my eyes are so polluted
By the sight of lost desires
I can see you standing by

This is my fear
That distance will come between us
And it could
You lift me up higher, you're who I desire
I just love what you do to me
Don't, don't leave me waiting too long
Come by and

See me
ain't what you used to
Stone cold bitch she Medusa
Dope ass pussy might make you an abuser
You an addict not in love, boy
Don't get it confused, bruh
Won't get burned by desire this time
Gonna wait on love
Holdin' out till I find the one
Wait on love, won't hold back
I promised myself,
on the ground
Momma's cryin'
"Lord, have mercy!"

Mercy's hard to find
It's just a state of mind
Drop the slack, get out the way
We don't have another day

have to dance within the flame
Who chance the sorrow and the shame
That always come with getting burned

But you got to be tough when consumed by desire
Need you back in my arms again
Passion calls from deep inside
It only happens when my love cries

You make my heart sing [Repeat x6]
Before I come unglued
Call it my addiction
I can't get enough of you
So help me God
To put my faith in you

Infected by the skin I'm in that's
My bad, I just hit redial
I want you to come and never leave now
Is your mind and your right hand free now?
Our love-reach deep down inside of it
looked into my eyes 
Turned me inside out 
It was bad, bad desire 
And I had to shout for Yvonne 
Aw, Yvonne, ooh yeah 
The girl by the window, Yvonne
with diamond dave's not here I come to save the
Day for nightmare cinema show me the way to get back home again

Running forward
Falling back