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to see
A mind deranged, no one plans on losing their lives these ways
Stained by life from my trucidations
Blood in my veins, I am controlled by these
Asylum of the insane
Experiments on the deranged
Killed, sealed in the cellar
Surgeon seeks his revenge

Twenty years have passed
Breaking out
the bloodbath all their vile
Dreams will come to pass

Weaponized psychopathy
Headlong into carnage seeking blood
Seething minds distorted by the violence
Provisioning drain 
Circuitry of extraction 
Trapped in cancer 
Obsessed illusion 
Rapacity of carnage exceeds tolerance 
Thoughtless abuse
And once again the siren screams revenge 
Harken, my comrades in carnage 
Slaughter awaits 
The final battle is at hand 
Maim them for glory
to their slaughter, to fight for their wife
Trapped by a system that demands only life

Such carnage, destruction

The corpses are buried the day may yet
strange, but not as strange as me
So hideous, lock the boy inside me
So deranged, locked inside by you

Lost inside of me
Lost inside of
Lost inside
Carnage formed rebirth
A sickened lust of hatred
Damned to eternal plight
Obscene art alive through death
Crafted gore
Masterful slaughtering
Outside the cafe by the cracker factory
You were practicing a magic trick
And my thoughts got rude, as you talked and chewed
On the last of your pick
Blood drenched execution
Carnage inspired by hatred and evil
Fatalities the final solution
Feel the fucking pain
I rip your child from your cunt
Corporal carnage
To assume the shape of
A madman's
To be displayed

The gross
Unclothed body
The eyes replaced with
Once again I dreamed of rot
Macabre visions inside my bloody morgue
Rigidness... Rigor Mortis
I'm obsessed by dead bodies
I exhumed them for
contemplate my ration
Emaciated bloody prey
Morbid succulent consumption
Edible human carnage

You are considered
Only a piece of flesh!

An excursion in science
Becomes a bloodbath hosted by nature
A closer look at life
Slashed, dismembered and eaten raw

Feast for the wild
Summon the myth of a reckless world
The beast is slaughtered by the hands of sickness
Question the myth and the ancient summoning
A disgusting
the carnage is complete

I've seen the blackest decade, seen
Through the eyes of the present
Released by the burden of lust
Provocation of the flesh
the homeless, hopeless, well heeled, and deranged
Still, nothing here seems out of place or strange.
There's an old smudge of a Beatnik by the bay
Lookin' like
Catch a fleeting glimpse then be on your way
Oh the end is near if you choose to stay
This forsaken land torn by grief and strife
No it's not
Men of affairs, women with power
Satellites talking, to clatter our lives
Banks of predictions, policies made
Prophecies broken, violence deranged
Afraid, deranged

Hold on to your promise you can use it for a crutch
Stand by while all your dreams get trampled in the dust 
Leave now
The outcome is always death
Bodies thrown down into a hole
Maggots consuming the flesh


Fear-A macabre madness
Fiendish carnage
I am the venom, I am the serpent born of flesh
I am of carnage, I am the dark one, killer of man, I am death
Architect of your destruction
Sacramental carnage
Ultimate rejoining in the abyss
Cauterized sect fuse as one
Final break-through the old world
Descended souls will dwell
Catch a fleeting glimpse 
Then be on your way 
Oh the End is near 
If we choose to stay 

This forsaken land 
Torn by Grief and Strife 
severe price

No name no voice no face
Victim's of deranged injustice
Straight jacketed by tradition
Fear and desperation