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Todo da igual
el sí o el no
muchos se ahogaron
en el océano.

By PaNdOrA (
all of us will die

I face the end
Sorrows disted
Into the depths of no return

Into the depths of no return
Into the depths

My soul is
the wind
Of nocturnal darkness

I hear the voice of flames
So strong and so burning
I feel so great by
These gloomy visions

Deep from the depths
para alterar
Y aunque te cueste decir todo lo que pensás,
mirando el mapa en tu rostro
se que atravesás, el mas gigante océano, y vas,
someone else

Swallowed by a vicious vengeful sea oh ooh oh-oh
Darker days are raining over me oh ooh oh-oh
In the deepest depths I lost myself oh ooh
A vengeful darling
Subbing for Eden

And I consume the raging fire
And I can feel the depths of the ocean
And I become consumed by desire
And I can feel
Born from the depth of my brain
Born in the night of the times
Born by the nothingness

Born by bloody massacres
Born by massive executions
And she takes me away 
Drags me towards mirrors so cold 
I dive to the depths of convolution 
Tearful I stand as she smiles 
At the sight
Your music by the night wind sent
Awakes my quiet instrument
In the silence of your steps
I can see into the depths
Messenger of sympathies
My life is a light for Your cause
My will laid aside for Your call
And reserved are the depths of my heart
Only for You

I'm caught in
And the people in the town
They would not look round
To see me go running-o
On the trail of the Enchanted Gypsy-o

His caravan
Was painted by hand
will confess
Do you worship satan? From the very depths

Bit back blasphemy, what thou wilt command
The witches pendle, Satan's command
By torture
with 'lectric machines

And some soul

Turnin' them crowds on

By playin' some loud rock'n roll.

Then came the man with a suit and a tie
My life is a light for Your cause
My will laid aside for Your call
And reserved are the depths of my heart
Only for You

I'm caught in the rhythms
of objective physicality
Lies a false sense of universal disconnection
We are an indivisible whole separated by perspective
And at a greater depth, lies
Covert by fear, controlled by illusions
Mind is so weak
Trap of the nature
Going insane
Still fighting
Illness or damnation

first of the Titans
Mastered by no-one, before Poseidon
From the depths of inception
Comes the monster - lost from redemption

Ancient king of tides
uh, I
Have been taken to the, absolutely, 
To the depths of extreme terror by this.
I've had my whole soul undermined by it, 
On the one hand.
What a joy I feel to think about forever
I'm a child of God with blessings from Heaven
By Your side, days always brighter
The Holy one, my Master, my
mortal disguise

The maze-like depths
Of the haunting pools

If one were to arrive
Below the line
Pulled by the tide
One can't come out

Admire it in its sleep.
Wounded, and embraced by dreams.
Whatever wanders in these depths,
It shall carry along.
This shore is for the throne...
I am
Far above the ravengate
The spread wings of blashyrkh waits
Above the roaring depths
Sits the oath of frost
On the elder raventhrone
Older mountains
swam the waters deep
Then fish would cry all in their sleep
My love, I can only try
To lift my hat from the depths as you walk by

Now banjos ring
where I first saw the light 
And the burden of my heart rolled away 
It was there by faith I received my sight
And now I am happy all the day 

Memories of loss
memories of fear
are the ones you shall wake
up to my darkest dear

Down into the depths
of your minds wonderland