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Road Trips, Vol. 4 No. 3: 11/20/73 - 11/21/73 Denver Coliseum, Denver CO (Grateful Dead) · 16 Horsepower (16 Horsepower) · Horsepower (Chris LeDoux) · Rapider Than Horsepower/Mae Shi [Split CD] (Rapider Than Horsepower) · 16 Horsepower (16 Horsepower) · Grab This! (Johnny Griffin) · Grab This/The Kerry Dancers [Remastered] (Johnny Griffin) · Smash and Grab (Racey) · Grab the Mic (Wildman) · How Does That Grab You? (Nancy Sinatra) – and 90 other albums »

back to the hood
And I've already heard some bad new
The homie just got shot it by some Crab fool
We 'bout to get this nigga's back, grab the Mac, we