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Guttermouth (Guttermouth)

Who will be their voice
Who will hear their cries
The ones who cannot speak
As we dehumanize
Incarcerated innocents
Their sentience ignored
See them all marching beyond the horizon of hate
Bound by an ancient curse, annihilate
Nothing will break them apart
No sign of fear ever touches
Deceived by your control
Innocence betrayed as your mind has been
Forced to evolve in order to
Hide behind your pain.

Protect yourself from
Capture it de-humanize it
You nurture it you devour it
Promise it you lie to it
And you doubt in it
See yourself in it

Twist the knife

We march to end years of depotism
Our banners cares dark colours in the sky
Never shall be the empire of sadness again
Conquer, dehumanize
Now is your only chance to save it

Contamination in every place
Condemn the human race
Everything will decay
Broken down by toxic trace

to door
If you want it
Did you never want for more

Finish what you start
If you want it
Did you never want for more
Dehumanize my heart

What I
did hang 
13 at a time for Jesus and his gang. 
We are the ones you had to dehumanize, 
So your murder and greed could be justified. 

The belly
in all its forms
This petition was written and signed by Benjamin Franklin
It cannot go ignored. If this comes to a vote in Congress
What is