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Default (Django Django) · By Default (Band of Skulls) · Default (Atoms for Peace) · Default State (Ester)

just go
Turn on this unentity
Whatever they say, whatever they do just go
We are faithless by default 
We are faithless by default

I call for
reason, I hear no rhyme
Everybody feels the same

You're in love by default
You don't know what's what
You don't know what's real
You don't know
Swimming by default against the tide.
Through the sea.
Oh, Anna Lee.

I can no longer pretend life is not in real time.
I am vibrating the air just for
Violence by default is the stage we play,
Stay with me, stay calm,
For the body is not what we lack.
people have to say
You'd better

Hang on to your emotions 

When a demagogue inside your head has taken charge
And by default what you say or do is
Stay by my side 
Where we stand now 
Is our default line

I want you to be always by my side 
We've both made mistakes 
But we're human
One by one I know we've seen some things
That could've torn us apart, threaten what we've been

And I've asked myself what could be more than this
their own
When by default
Time to vámonos

Like your face
Getting forced
To the floor

Then I got a taste
Of the benefits
Five foot
And change

There's no
around the bend
And when this, by default
Comes screeching to a halt
Let's hope that you
Know what to do
To start it up again

Driving sideways
Its not hard to fathom that we've been deceived
By those in power who deal in greed
Intelligent beings unable to breed
Hold technological secrets
When I breathe my freedom
Words of the big religion
Simply what I need

Is what I needâ?¦

You reject defaults
In a vision of non-life
was a plan
A talking head to trepan'
Momentum ground to a halt
Stalemate by default
killing me
I'm always ready to die but you're killing me

Who are you to me? Who am I to you?
Is this a lesson in nepotistic negligence?
By default, you are
Could someone please explain
The lifeless and mundane
World I've built around me

Some by design
Most by default
Each piece has its place
little shadows
Of my creepy little thoughts
Inhabit all that matters 
And I lose by default

And I'll never promise anything again 
And I'll never
dropped this monster
Shock'd be who'd fall.
The young get stung
By the power and pace,
While some greasy shark's
Twistin' bibles in your face.
Subdued and repressed. A son of the vortex in faceless progress, coaxing, tugging, grinding. So elevated so God.
Refit this vessel of confusion
open wound 
I never needed to leave 
To find out what makes me tick 
I arrived by default 
My arms three grand long 
But not elastic enough 
To care for
what you want
You don't gotta talk
Competition is missin', I win by default
No man like me in this world
But I turn to a beast when 
I'm deep in
there are no more options.
There will not be a sweet consolation, this is what is supposed to happen.
A predetermined destiny put in motion by my
No one raised their hand that day
When they asked for volunteers
He got picked out by default
He was the only daddy there
They said we know what
ya up
Let ya partner get ya up, ain't nobody catchin' up
But this some s*** I'm down to receive a lethal injection for
King of the whole thing, f***
ya up
Let ya partner get ya up, ain't nobody catchin' up
But this some shit I'm down to receive a lethal injection for
King of the whole thing, fuck
the file to your phone and set this track as your default ringtone

We'll show you what we're doing cranking up the decibels
We're gonna take control so
was there
Tick tack, tick tack, my watch stopped
It doesn't matter
Go in default and don't despair

It's such a struggle
Just let it all go by