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[Chorus: see-Rayz Walz]
We live!  Where ya close friends die
And they say that a man ain't supposed to cry
We live!  Amongst the stress and struggle
[C-Rayz Walz]
Yeah!  (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah..)

I got flavor like Adobo, you ain't know though?
My rap go back like quack delioso{?}
[C-Rayz Walz]
Where there's a will there's a way, no?  Where there's Will there's Jada
I catch then PISS in the face of a hater
Congratulate us

'86, '86, '86

'86, '86, '86

[C-Rayz Walz]
Yo when see-notes and deep throats
I'm from the era of sheep coats, manilla envelopes
domino affect
I'm blow this hex over the mission
Just to administer the indoor sucker punch to it's pitiful condition

[C-Rayz Walz]
With no alibi
No mic check?

[Verse 1: see-Rayz Walz]
I see dead buffalos, on the plains of the horizon
Electromagnetic energy fields like M. Bison
(feat. see-Rayz Walz, Diabolic, Loucipher, 
Poison Pen, Pumpkinhead, Tonedeff)
[Intro: from the film "Scarface"]

Host: I've heard whispers
[ad libs and shouts for first 12 seconds]

[C-Rayz Walz]
see-Rayz, guns and butter!
Go back upstairs, eat your mac cheese and fishsticks
You not 50,
Lost and feeling lonely
Had become ordinary
I was always glad to see a day go by
The darkness just got deeper
The mountains just got steeper
Got a feeling deeper than anguish
It's only getting worse
You're at the end
Begin again

Now the season's changing over
And there's nowhere
The love for you I feel
(Digging deeper and deeper again)

I've waited for so long and I won't wait one minute more
To have you by my side
(Back into my
used to go, when it rained, my heart went deeper
Deep blue underneath the sea, washed away for no one to see

I don't have the feelings I'm supposed
Distorted reality
Truth behind, not to see
Focus of life means twisting negative
Draining deeper fears by a quest to live
Suffering down perpetual
Gloomy on sunny days
Shadows no house or trees
Prayers not close to me as I bow down and take a knee
Hell goes far as the eye can see
'I feel so strange what's wrong with me'
You've got a problem that you can't see
But I've got a feeling that the rumours are true
I see the girl's
I want to show you
everything I see,
the way I'm feeling
I need to be with you tonight,
to feel you all around me
My love for you is deeper than
soul started to break and she said

C?mon C?mon
Cut a little deeper
C?mon C?mon
Start to move along
C?mon C?mon
The show is almost over
So if you want it
want to do is stay close to you
When you left you broke my heart
Though I try hard to pretend
I was fooled by my feelings then
The change in me was
His eyes may be a deeper blue but they remind me so much of you
He may even comb his hair a little different
And when he's walkin' by my side
As your passing by
You look behind
To see what I would say

and I know
To change the conversation
I know
A deeper contemplation
Is all I need to make
find the hidden love
When its pouring down on me
In my mind I see
The rocking horse inside the tree

A broken heart means deeper feelings
A thorn
reminder of all the lies
Haunted by the darkness that follows every move you make
That feeling, nothing will ever be the same,
But you're the only one
should know 
The deeper that we go, the more my feelings show 
Time passes by just like good things come and go 
So light the candles babe, and I'll
should know 
The deeper that we go, the more my feelings show 
Time passes by just like good things come and go 
So light the candles babe, and I'll
I get the feeling that I'm in way over my head
I should be careful but I'm goin deeper instead
Cause when she looks at me
I want to run by her