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Deep within the corners of my mind
I keep a memory of your faces
And I only pull it out when I long for your embrace

Deep within the corners
White line fever
A sickness born deep within my soul
White line fever
The years keep flying by like those highway pole

The wrinkles on my forehead
Talk to me baby, I want to sleep at night
My heart is heavy, it's weighed down by the night.
And now I'm lonely, I want to see the light
So deep
White line fever, a sickness born
Down deep within my soul
White line fever, the years keep flyin' by
Like the highline poles

The wrinkles in
to see through the veil)

I'm standing deep in these waters
Bleeding free and bent
To drag us onto the new visions
Only loss fills my void
Only loss fills
The ocean's beauty
No longer moves my heart
It's black and empty
My aim's so for a part
I'm madness maddened
Driven by the waves of hate
There is a sphere deep within my mind
Where I'll become a god who reign a world of astral space

I fade away
Into the voids of the dark
As I

Beaten down, dominated by its sound
Growing deep within my head
Softly dying, its soul is shed
Eating me all up inside
This cancer finds
still never win.
Deep in my heart I know the strength is within.
Watching the others chances drift by.
They'll never discover these feelings I hide.
winds of immortality
As I drown in obscurity

I fall deep into what's for me unseen
Eternal flames lick my face
In purgatory I'm all within
But I'm
on lingering?

To watch my love make his retreat
Deep within my heart I weep
My heart should be learning how to sing
Instead of merely waiting and lingering
in the rain inside my pit
I'm goin' down now, because my mom frowns
In a research psychiatric center without her son around
And I'm deep off in this
Sometimes when I get in this mood
And I'm needing you deep down within
Just the touch of your hand
And the smile on your face
Makes me wanna live
the key?
I'm tempted to judge every book by its cover
Fail to consider the spirit within
Give me the heart of the nail torn lover
The bloodied and battered
Well I'm amazed
By your wondrous glory
Struck by the way it's consuming me
And I embrace
This feeling deep within me
Worshiping you is my
Your name
For me you left Your throne
And traded crown for thorns instead
I'm safe within not by Your skin
But because Your blood was red

Some say
Lord, again
With this burden buried deep within
This heart that You have made
In this trial that I'm going through
I don't question 'cause I know it's
Where you are is where I'll always be
As long as there are mountains
And stars still fill the sky
As long as there's forever
I'm right here by your
wait up on the Lord
Find their strength has been restored
The flames of renewal burn within
I'm all charged up in my spirit again
I'm all fired up - I'm
deep inside
The way is barred to hide
I never be disgusted by my own
I remember every day
When you were running all the way
With all my infiorities
still never win.
Deep in my heart I know the strength is within.
Watching the others chances drift by.
They'll never discover these feelings I hide.
your side, our love will never hide
Our love will never hide
Painful heart and now I'm grievin'
With lots of lovin' deep within, alright
And now
I'm home, home on the range
I feel my meditation so deep within
While my medication's kicking in

'Cause it's my fate
I operate on hate
tell me you just make the teardrops fall
Let me go on thinking I'm the lucky one

And deep within her heart she loves me so
If there are unfaithful
Is this just a dream
When your eyes met mine
They touched me deep inside
Now I'm by your side
In the heat of the night
Your soft caress a moment